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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Satmar Joins Reform Jews, Germany and Spain in slamming Trump recognition of Jerusalem

Germany is responsible for the annihilation of over six million Jews and it was because of this atrocity that Jews, even those who opposed the state pre world war 2, felt that it was time for Jews to have a country to live in. The chutzpah of these descendants of murderers to state that they oppose having Yerushalyim as the country's capital cannot be be measured! 

Spain threw out all Jews in 1492 and yet they have the unmitigated gall to slam Trump's recognition of Yerushalyim as the Capital! 

Reform Jews took out the word "Tzion" out of their prayer books years ago and are assimilating at a rate of 85% ... they are basically irrelevant!

"Et tu Brutas?""

Now, the foolish R' Aron TeitelBUM, Monroe Satmar Rebbe, condemned President Trump for recognizing Yerusalyim as the country's capital ...
R' Aron was the one who wrote to Congressman to ask them to vote for the Iran Deal that guaranteed that Iranian murderers would have nuclear weapons!!!!

It's interesting to note that he blabbered his nonsense on the night that they celebrated the miraculous salvation of R' Yoilish from the hands of the Nazis!
And who do you think saved him?????? A Zionist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
But you wouldn't know that if you read the re-writing of Satmar history! 

The head of one of the two rival groups of the staunchly anti-Zionist Satmar Hassidic movement ripped into President Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital last week.

Satmar, known as one of the most dogmatically anti-Zionist Hassidic sects, refuses to recognize the State of Israel and calls on members living in Israel not to vote in national elections, even for haredi parties and not to accept any funding from the state, including National Insurance payments. Satmar, however, does care for the welfare of Jews and runs the free meals for those staying in hospitals for Shabbat to care for loved ones.

Speaking before thousands of his followers at a celebration on Saturday night at the New York Expo Center in the Bronx, the head of one of the two Satmar groups that split after the previous Grand Rabbi's death,, Rebbe Aharon Teitelboim, said that Trump had no right to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

"We declare in the name of haredi Judaism: Jerusalem, the holy city, will not be the capital of the Zionist state, even if the President of the United States says it is," said Teitelboim.
"Just as haredi Jews did not recognize President Truman's declaration in 1948 that Israel is the Jewish State, we don't recognize it today."

"Jerusalem is a holy city, a city of piety," Teitelboim continued. "Zionism is the opposite of fearing God and Torah, and it has nothing to do with the city of Jerusalem."

The Satmar Rabbi Aaron group is not the only haredi movement unhappy with Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem. The Neturei Karta, a small, extremist haredi faction which most other haredi groups deplore since they prayed for Arafat's health, and which vehemently opposes the existence of a Jewish state, said last week that they may have to leave Israeldue to Trump's announcement.
"The [previous] Satmar Rebbe said that once they feel that it is impossible to live here as a haredi Jew, then they must flee from here," Yoel 'Yoelish' Kraus, an anti-Zionist figure with ties to the Neturei Karta movement, told the Kikar Hashabbat Hebrew news site.

As long as that point was not reached, they could stay. And they kept saying, 'another year.' and then 'another year,' and they said that the situation had not yet reached the breaking point. But if there is recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, then we have reached the breaking point. It cannot get any worse."
The other Satmar faction, headed by Rabbi Zalman Leib, has not publicized a reaction.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Chareidie Confronts Auerbach and Calls Him a "Murderer" and a "Rasha"

 Shmuel Auerbach, the leader of the controversial Yerushalmi Faction (Hapeleg Hayerushalmi), was confronted by a haredi man who had previously served in the army Thursday night at a wedding hall in Jerusalem.

 Auerbach, a staunch opponent of haredi enlistment in the IDF, has urged followers to refuse to cooperate with army officials, even for the purposes of obtaining a draft deferment as yeshiva students. Full-time yeshiva students are given draft deferrals from the army, so long as they remain in a recognized religious school.

Under Auerbach’s guidance, the Yerushalmi Faction has launched a series of road-blocking protests in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Shilat Junction near the haredi population center of Modiin Illit, and other locations across the country.
The faction’s hardline has drawn criticism from much of the haredi community, with leading rabbinic figures describing the group as ‘disgusting’“reckless fools”, and even inhuman.

On Thursday,  Auerbach was confronted by a haredi man as  Auerbach was leaving the Zevhil event hall in the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood in Jerusalem.

According to Behadrei Haredi, the man who confronted Auerbach had previously served in the IDF.

As Auerbach left the event hall, the man shouted at him, calling him, among other things “a murderer”, and an “evil-doer”.

Students of the 86-year-old rabbi who were present at the scene claim that the man had tried to force his way past the rabbi’s followers to physically assault him.

“This enraged young man wanted to attack the dean of the [Maalot Hatorah Yeshiva] and beat him,” a witness told Behadrei Haredim. “We were able to stop him just before [he was able to do so].”

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Germany Doesn't Support Trump On Jerusalem .... Surprise?

So now we have grandchildren of the ones who killed entire Jewish families, weighing in on whether Yerushalyim should be declared the Capital of Israel.....

The chutzpah of these blood thirsty mamzeirim .....
may Germany be populated by Muslims, very soon ....

German Chancellor Angela Merkel against United States President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Watch Barack Obama and George Bush Lie About Declaring Jerusalem Capital of Israel

Trump made the right call recognizing Jerusalem

Here’s the latest version of Fake News: President Trump ruined the mid-east peace process.
The assertion is a world-wide headline, but for it to have a shred of truth, there would have to be a peace process to ruin. But since there isn’t one, and hasn’t been one for years, the anti-Trump media is exposed again.
But hold on, Trump is more than just innocent of a false and foolish charge. By acknowledging what everybody in Israel already knows, that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state, and by putting in motion the process of moving the American embassy here, the president is making history and calling the bluff of the Palestinians.
For 25 years, they’ve played a game with the world and previous American presidents. They endlessly demand a state, but will do nothing to build one. They won’t accept the various boundaries Israel offered, can’t or won’t hold free elections and won’t even negotiate in good faith.
Instead, they can be counted on to do what they’ve always done. Make threats of violence, throw rocks and burn rubber tires in the streets.
“It’s just another excuse to riot,” a veteran of the Israeli government told me, expressing exhaustion over the predictable cycle sparked by Arab leaders calling for three days of outrage.
Said another: “Talk of the peace process is the language of the 1990’s. Israelis don’t show much interest in the Palestinian conflict these days.”
Israel has indeed changed and moved on since I last visited nearly eight years ago. It is become an even mightier power, both militarily and economically, and is brimming with confidence as its entrepreneurial spirit and renowned innovations are the envy of the world.
One result is that it now has better relations with more Arab and Muslim countries than at any time in its young history. They recognize that Israel is strong, and they share its hostility toward Iran.
By a coincidence of timing, I’m traveling with a group of educators the American Jewish Committee invited to witness both the complexity and generosity of Israeli society.
We’ve visited the nation’s top colleges, including the sensational Technion, and are hop-scotching around the tiny country to meet numerous people, including students and Israeli Arabs.
Most moving was our visit to the Galilee Medical Center, near the Lebanon border. It has treated more than 2,000 injured Syrians caught up in that nation’s endless civil war.
Ferried to Galilee and other hospitals in northern Israel by the Israeli military after making it to the border, the wounded, including hundreds of children, are given whatever treatment they require, all paid for by Israeli taxpayers, no questions asked.
The hospital says the average stay is about 22 days, and most have had about three surgeries each. At least six Syrian babies have been born there.
Before the Syrians are sent home, any tags or markings that would identify their clothing or bandages as Israeli are removed, lest they be killed as collaborators with the Jewish devil.
Meanwhile, most of the Arab leaders thundering about the rights of the Palestinians being violated by Israel have not lifted a finger to help Syrian Arabs caught in a human slaughterhouse. So much for their compassion.
And not incidentally, our planned visit to Ramallah, the seat of the Palestinian government in the West Bank, was cancelled because of almost certain violence in response to Trump’s decision.
None of this is to suggest that Israel is under the illusion that the problem that has bedeviled it since its conception 70 years ago will vanish. It’s just that the refusal of the Palestinians to take yes for an answer has left most Israelis cynical to the point of boredom. Even most of those on the left no longer demand their government make more and more concessions.
Israelis have better things to do with their lives and bigger problems to solve as a nation, including confronting terrorist regimes on three borders.
Whether it’s Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon or Iran operating near the Syrian border, Israel faces true existential threats. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said, it will not withdraw its security forces from the West Bank, as Palestinians demand, and face more rockets and more terrorist tunnels on another flank.
So it’s the Palestinians who now face a stark choice. They can take Trump’s offer that his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital does not mean a separate section of the Holy City cannot be their capital, too.
But to seize the president’s opening, the Palestinians will need the courage to accept Israel’s right to exist as the biblical homeland of the Jewish people. They also should act with some urgency because once the American embassy moves to Jerusalem, other nations are likely to follow.
If they do decide to negotiate in earnest, the Palestinians will find in Trump a broker who wants to help them make a deal. If nothing else, success would be vindication that his bold move to end the stalemate was the right one.
If they don’t seize the opportunity, the Palestinians can go on making demands and threats. History has proven that to be a losing hand, and it’s getting weaker by the day.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ba'al Haturim Predicted Jerusalem Will Be Great Again in This Week's Parsha

לב מלכים ושרים ביד ה' - צעד נוסף לגאולה!

The Ba'al Ha'Turim in this week's parsha, Parshas Va'Yeishev, at Re'vee'(Wednesday), states that Yerushalayim will eventually return to its former glory and be "recognized" ....

Trump makes it official! The US now recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel! Will Build Embassy Immediately!

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital despite international fury from the Pope, the UK, Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Palestinians, Reform Jews and Satmar who say 'he's declaring war against 1.5 billion Muslims'

President Donald Trump announced today that America formally recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital city, changing decades of U.S. policy in a brief afternoon speech.
Appearing in the White House's Diplomatic Reception Room against an elaborate backdrop of Christmas decorations, He also said the United States embassy in Israel would, over time, be moved there from Tel Aviv.

Israel is the only country where the United States has an embassy in a city that the host nation does not consider its capital.

'I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,' Trump said. 'While previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver. Today I am delivering.'
'When I came into office I promised to look at the world's challenges with open eyes and very fresh thinking,' he said, leaning heavily on a mid-1990s federal law that demanded the embassy's relocation.

'We have declined to acknowledge any Israeli capital – at all,' Trump added. 'But today we finally acknowledge the obvious, that Jerusalem is Israel's capital. This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality.'
'It is also the right thing to do. It is something that has to be done.'

Every president since Bill Clinton has exercised a waiver in that law, kicking the can down the road. Trump said that has brought the world 'no closer to a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.' 

America's friends and foes unleashed fierce criticism before Trump made official what the White House previewed for reporters Tuesday night.

But Trump stuck to his guns, calling his decision an act of political courage. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

State Dep. orders embassies to prepare for Jerusalem decision

US embassies and consulates around the globe have been ordered to prepare for the potentially violent backlash against a much-anticipated statement by President Trump this week either announcing the relocation of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, or formally recognizing the city as Israel’s capital.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Belzer Rebbetzin Conducts her own "Tish"

Did Skver Bully Monsey Magazine Not to Publish Neighborhood adjoining New Square?

There is a popular weekly magazine in Monsey called "The Monsey View." 

Every week they select a particular Monsey neighborhood and feature its advantages, listing the shuls and describing the people that live there. This is to inform potential buyers, of all the great benefits that the featured area contains.
See Bulletin  on Bottom Left advertising New Hempstead "next week"

Notice this week's bulletin stating that for the next 2 weeks they will feature Airmont

Last week  "The Monsey View" placed a bulletin (see above photo) notifying its readers that they will feature the "New Hempstead" area in its forthcoming issue!

It has come to our attention that the New Skver Askanim may have threatened the magazine with a financial boycott if it featured New Hempstead, because the neighborhood adjoins New Square!

Being naive, not really believing that frum Jews would do something like that,  I picked up the magazine this past week, quickly perused its contents and .......found ...............

"So .....What did you find?????

Hold on to your seat...........
I found that they are featuring Airmont .....

"But what about the promised New Hempstead ???? Did you find that??"

Nada!! Gurnisht! Zero!!!!!!!!!!!

The View apparently caved in to the terrorists! 

So you ask .....
"What's wrong with Jews moving near New Square?" 
You wonder:
"Why would Skver askanim, who lead thousands, care????
Why would they oppose the idea of Frum Jews moving into the neighboring area??? ".... 
We are not G-d Forbid, talking about moving into New Square proper ..... but moving a half hour walk from New Square!
"Why would a fellow Jew oppose that?"


The Skverer askanim are afraid that the Chassidim will find out that there are other Jews out there that do not not live in New Square. 

What? "There are actually Jews living in New Square that don't know that there is an entire world outside of New Square????"
The children don't know and the hierarchy of New Square don't want the "Holy Children" the "tinokas shel bais rabbim" to get contaminated by other frum Jews and they therefore brainwash the children into thinking that other Jews who don't live in New Square aren't as frum and holy as they are ........

They are frightened that if other Chassidic Jews move nearby Skverer chassidim will notice that you can actually be a pious Chassidic Jew and yet ...... not live in New Square!!!

They not worried if very modern Jews move nearby........
because in the brainwashed view of their children...these frum Jews are Goyim!....and the askanim aren't worried that the children  would want to be Goyim .... But they are petrified that they may continue to be frum Jews but not Skver!

But doesn't Skver welcome Modern Jews????
Yes .... they do invite the "moderneh" to hakofos ...and yes they will invite them for Shabbos to eat herring ..... but in the recesses of their holy hearts.... the "moderneh" are mocked and laughed at and in their elite view ... the "moderneh" and even the "Yeshivishe" are only good as long as they can drain their bank accounts! 

They are also worried that the naive Skverer sheep will discover that one can actually be an observant Torah Jew and not worship a mere mortal! 

In order to further their agenda to separate the village with the rest of Monsey, the Skver Dayanim were ordered to rule that New Square Eirav cannot be included into the Monsey Eirav and must remain separate!

They do not want "oifgeklerteh" Skverer Chassidim to move out of New Square and then buy houses near New Square and then come Shabbos with their baby carriages to visit their parents. 
If that would happen there would be a mass exodus of Skverer Chassidim!

 The Skver hierarchy also ordered the chassidim to buy up all available properties in a mile radius, to prevent other fellow Jews from moving in!

To actually carry out these insane anti-Jewish evil directives .... Skverer guys bought available properties and then rented them out to latino drug dealers to scare others from buying affordable housing in the neighborhood and to intimidate Chasidishe guys that had already bought houses! These disgusting tactics brought down the value of the homes nearby and scared away potential buyers!

On Hempstead Road, for example, they bought numerous 1 family homes and then rented them out to Latino criminals who are destroying the neighborhood!

About a month ago there were gunshots reported on Hempstead Road adjoining Brick Church Road...from one of the homes that these Skveres" bought and rented out, and this happened on a Friday night!!!

Last year two quiet Satmar Chassidim with large families bought homes near New Hempstead Road. 
The 2 Satmarer Families stupidly thought that they would be able to finally bring their families from the crowded city to the beautiful spacious New Hempstead neighborhood; walking distance to New Square, for very reasonable prices, and give their children space to run around and a better life!

Not so fast!!!!!!!

Skver bought 1family homes next door on both sides of the homes and rented them illegally to multiple Latinos families; and so now they have shiksas prancing around in bikinis and thongs, creating a non kosher hostile environment, to prevent the Satmar children from playing outside on Shabbos!

Last year there was a naive Chassidishe Rebbele that bought a home in the New Hempstead area and wanted to open a shul ...........
Pashkevlim and posters were all over the neighborhood threatening to burn his house down .... 

And that was no idle threat, if you remember not too long ago a Skverer Chusid attempted to burn down a house in New Square with an entire family sleeping inside.  The chusid succeeded to burn the owner of the house putting him into the hospital with severe burns!
The Chusid sat in Jail for a while ..... Skverer askanim arranged for people to learn with him in jail every day ... and when he was released, he was released as a hero, and this convicted arsonist and attempted murderer, got engaged to a prominent Skverer family and got married!!!

So what was the crime of the guy whose family came close to being burnt to death?
His crime???????????
Guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....................Yes Guess!!!!!!!!!!

"Oh .  .... I know .... I know ....... he was mechalel Shabbos????????"
You would think?.........right?......

Guess again!!!!!

"His wife didn't cover her hair????????????"
Ha ha ha ha ha ..... good guess ........ Nope!

"Oh.... I know ..I Know......I know..... this time I got it.....
He didn't go to the "Heiliger Rebbes'" tish?????"
Nope..............but your'e getting warmer!

"Enough with this guessing game... I can't take it anymore......tell me ... tell me ...."

Ok ... here goes ...

He went to daven in the nearby nursing home to help with a minyan......

"You liar!!!!!! You are crazy..... you Skverer Hater..... you lie! Can't be!!!!!" You want me to believe that the Skverer arsonist wanted to burn the whole family to death .... all because the owner of the house went to daven in a nearby Nursing Home????

I wish I was lying .... I wish it was all not true .....!

Note to the Skverer Askanim: 
We have cameras monitoring all our homes in the neighborhood.... don't try anything funny ..... we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law!

Reach out to The Monsey View 
Phone: 845-600-8484
Fax: 845-600-8483

Thursday, November 30, 2017

So humans descend from SPONGES! The humble creature is our oldest ancestor!

So guys let's soak all this in.....
 ... and I thought that we came from apes and that only the Kollel guys descended from sponges!

It's one of biology's most-heated debates – what are the origins of animals?
Now, researchers have waded into the debate with a new study, suggesting that the humble sponge may be our earliest ancestor.
The findings cast doubt on previous studies, which have suggested that complex comb jellies may be the oldest lineage of living animals.

In 2008, one of the early phylogenomic studies suggested that comb jellies were the earliest members of the animal kingdom, rather than sponges. 
Since then, studies have flip-flopped between whether sponges or comb jellies are our deepest ancestors.
Now, researchers from the University of Bristol have identified the cause of this flip-flop. 
And in doing so, the researchers believe they have revealed that sponges are the most ancient lineage.
Professor Davide Pisani, lead author of the study, said: 'The fact is, hypotheses about whether sponges or comb jellies came first suggest entirely different evolutionary histories for key animal organ systems like the nervous and the digestive systems.

Therefore, knowing the correct branching order at the root of the animal tree is fundamental to understanding our own evolution, and the origin of key features of the animal anatomy.'

In the study, the researchers used a new statistical technique to test whether evolutionary models can effectively describe the genetic datasets used to study early animal evolution.
Their analysis revealed that, for the same dataset, more precise models favour sponges at the root of the animal tree. 
Meanwhile, more unreliable models favour comb jellies.
Professor Pisani said: 'Phylogenomics, the use of genomic data in phylogenetics, is a relatively new science.
'Evidence for comb jellies as the earliest branching animal lineage first emerged in 2008, a decade ago, in the first, large-scale, phylogenomic analysis of the animal phyla.
'We have now better analytical tools and data and this study seriously challenges the accepted status quo.'

Hell hath no fury like a Reform Jewish leader scorned.

Tzipi Hotolovy

Almost since the day the State of Israel was established, there have been American Jews of prominence who have criticized it. That’s a 69-year-old fact of life to which Israelis long ago became accustomed. But if an Israeli official dares to say something critical of American Jews, watch out: Hell hath no fury like an American Jewish leader scorned.

In countless op-eds, sermons, conferences, and petitions over the years, American Jewish critics have charged Israel with obstructing peace, mistreating various aggrieved parties, or embarrassing U.S. Jews. How many times have we heard the accusation that Israel’s policies are causing it to “lose its soul”?

But what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander, as Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely recently discovered. She noted in an interview how difficult it is for some American Jews to appreciate the dangers Israelis face, since their own lives are much more secure. American Jewish leaders responded by demanding that MK Hotovely publicly apologize, or even that she be fired.
Hotovely is not the first Israeli leader to find herself in such a situation. In 1949, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion remarked that Israel was hoping for large-scale immigration by young American Jews. U.S. Jewish leaders were livid. American Jewish Committee president Joseph Proskauer threatened to withhold financial contributions from the new state. AJC chairman Jacob Blaustein flew to Israel and, according to the AJC’s authorized history, spent eight hours “alternately cajoling and threatening” Ben-Gurion until the prime minister agreed to publicly back down.
A decade later, Ben-Gurion ruffled American Jewish feathers by citing the Talmudic statement that a Jew who lives outside of the Land of Israel is “considered as one who does not have a God.” (Ketubot 110-b) American Jewish leaders exploded in fury. The Zionist Organization of America accused Ben-Gurion of “impugning the religious faith” of all diaspora Jews. B’nai B’rith charged the prime minister was trying “to negate 2,000 years of diaspora Jewish existence.”
Israel could not even catch a Nazi war criminal without catching flak from some American Jewish leaders. The president of the World Jewish Congress publicly criticized the Israeli government for putting Adolf Eichmann on trial; the Central Conference of American (Reform) Rabbis denounced Israel for sentencing Eichmann to death.
Criticism of Israeli policies became a regular feature of U.S. Jewish communal life beginning in the 1970s. Officials of various Jewish organizations criticized Israel over (among other things) Jewish housing construction in the territories, the negotiations with Egypt, the Lebanon War, possible changes to the “Who is a Jew” law, and the Jonathan Pollard affair.
When an Israeli cabinet minister suggested, in 1980, that American Jews should actively oppose U.S. pressure on Israel, Jewish leaders accused him of being “strident” and “interfering in American Jewish affairs.” The American Jewish Congress criticized Israel’s conduct in the inquiry into the death of a captured Arab terrorist (1986). The Union of American Hebrew (Reform) Congregations declared that Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s tactics in combating Arab rioters “betray[ed] the Zionist dream” (1987). B’nai B’rith lambasted Israel for insisting that intifada violence halt before Palestinian Arab elections could be held (1989). The Anti-Defamation League chastised Israel for not implementing electoral reform (1990).
Over the past four decades, numerous American Jewish organizations have been created to advocate positions that often are at odds with those of the Israeli government. A partial list of such groups includes Breira, the Shalom Network, Americans for Peace Now, New Jewish Agenda, the Committee of Concerned American Jews, the Jewish Peace Lobby, Project Nishma, American Jews for Responsible Advocacy, Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, and J Street.
Recent weeks have seen particularly vehement criticism of the Israeli government by American Jews. Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, criticized the government’s position on prayer arrangements at the Western Wall as “a betrayal”; yet Rabbi Jacobs now is demanding that the deputy foreign minister be fired for criticizing some American Jews. Jerry Silverman, president of the Jewish Federations of North America, has forthrightly expressed his view of the Israeli government’s stance on the Western Wall; yet now he is denouncing MK Hotovely for expressing her view of American Jews.
For nearly seven decades, prominent American Jews have publicly criticized the Israeli government when they felt strongly about a particular issue. And every once in a while, an Israeli official has said something critical about American Jews. The willingness to criticize, and be criticized, is an integral component of a mature, healthy Israel-diaspora relationship. The “off with their heads” approach of demanding public apologies or even firings represents an extreme overreaction to what is nothing more than the free exchange of opinions.
Dr. Rafael Medoff is the author or editor of 18 books about Jewish history and Zionism, including The Historical Dictionary of Zionism, coauthored with Chaim I. Waxman.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New York Times Obsesses About Israel’s ‘Ultra-Orthodox’ Ignores Catholic bishops!

One of the clearest warning signs of bias in the press is a double standard — a similar story that’s treated one way if it involves Jews or Israel, and a different way if it involves a different religion or a different country.
One such case is on display in the New York Times this week.
The November 27 Times features a news article of about 700 words by a Times journalist, Isabel Kirshner, under the headline “Railway Work in Israel on the Sabbath Threatens to Unravel Netanyahu’s Coalition.” The online version features two photographs. The article is about the politics of conducting repair work on Israel’s state-owned railway on the Sabbath. It reports the prime minister agreed to introduce “legislation to limit the opening of convenience stores on the Sabbath.”
Meanwhile, in another country, Poland, lawmakers, at the behest of Catholic bishops, voted to eliminate Sunday shopping in the country entirely by the year 2020. The Times didn’t cover that article in the print newspaper at all; it handled the matter instead with a brief online item by the Associated Press of about 200 words, with no photographs.
Got that? The New York Times paid a lot of attention to the political news about the Sabbath and Israeli Jews, while downplaying to the point of almost ignoring the news about the Sabbath and Polish Catholics.
Is it because Israel is a larger country than Poland? No. Poland has four or five times Israel’s population. 
Is it because there are more American Jews than there are Polish-Americans or American Catholics? No — if the Times is trying to cater to American readers, there are actually more Polish-Americans and Catholics than there are American Jews, leaving aside any possible overlap, such as American Jews whose families are from Poland.
Now, the Times might reply that the Israel news got covered because, as the headline put it, the controversy “threatens to unravel Netanyahu’s coalition.” But that’s a bait-and-switch: the Times article itself concedes “the government did not appear to be in imminent danger of collapse.” The Times further quotes Abraham Diskin, professor emeritus in the department of political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as saying, “‘All the indications are that nobody is interested’ in breaking up the coalition.” So the “coalition in jeopardy” excuse is not much of an excuse, either.
Maybe it’s because the ultra-liberal, ultra-secular Times has an obsessive interest in portraying the Israeli government as being at the mercy of the whims of those that the Times, three times in the article, describes as “ultra-Orthodox.” If that is indeed the reason, it’s ultra-bad journalism.

The miracle of Israel lives on 70 years later


On Nov. 29, 1947, the United Nations voted to partition Palestine into two states, one Jewish, one Arab. Most Zionists accepted the deal, while Arabs almost universally rejected it and declared war.
One Muslim delegate, referring to Jews living in Arab nations, warned that “The blood will flow like rivers in the Middle East.” Iraq’s prime minister threatened that the Jewish state would not survive, saying “We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in” while Syria’s leader claimed “We shall eradicate Zionism.”
Seventy years later, a lust for Jewish blood is a staple of Islamic State, Hezbollah and Hamas, whose charter calls for the elimination of Israel. Iran’s leaders call Israel “Little Satan” and vow to wipe it off the map.
In important ways, then, not much has changed. Jew hatred remains mainstream enough to flourish in the sunshine as well as the shadows, including at major American university campuses and European parliaments. Year in, year out, Jews are the victims of most of the religious hate crimes in the United States.
Some UN bodies exist to demonize Israel while ignoring wholesale slaughter and oppression in other lands. Indeed, if that partition proposal were submitted to a much-larger General Assembly today, it probably would not get majority support, let alone the two-thirds approval it got in 1947.
Yet in other ways, everything has changed. Israel, which declared independence in 1948, is a mighty regional power militarily and its economy and technical innovations are world-renowned. This is exceptionalism, Israeli-style.
Politically, it’s made progress, too. Peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt have proved remarkably durable and other Arab states have established quiet working relationships with the nation they tried repeatedly to destroy.
Paradoxically, the rise of Islamic terrorism has created common ground with some former enemies. Even Barack Obama’s flawed nuclear deal with Iran, vehemently opposed by both Israel and Saudi Arabia, is bringing the two nations closer because they share a vision of Iran as an existential threat.
A recent article in the Jerusalem Post described growing relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia as “perhaps the most significant shift in the region” and called a secret visit by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Israel in September evidence that official diplomatic relations are possible.
Jared Kushner, President Trump’s top mideast adviser, also visited both countries in a bid to improve Israeli-Arab ties and help broker an Israeli-Palestinian deal.
On that second point, pessimism remains the safe bet. Although Trump reversed Obama’s tilt toward the Palestinians, neither president has had success in changing the essential dynamics: The violent refusal of Palestinian elements to accept Israel’s right to exist.
While much of the public debate is couched in terms of borders and settlements and sovereignty over Jerusalem, the larger truth is that Palestinians have pursued Israel’s destruction with more zeal than they applied to building their own state.
While you would never know it from most coverage in the American media, a two-state solution was offered to both Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, but neither would say yes. To do so would have meant signing their own death warrants at the hands of fellow Arabs committed to Israel’s destruction.
The result is that many Palestinians remain scattered in “refugee camps” around the region established nearly 70 years ago, unwanted by their hosts while serving as political pawns. In their own self-governed territories, they are bitterly divided and impoverished, with much of the population living on international handouts and a fantasy that a Palestine without Jews is inevitable.
At times, there have been brief interludes of hope that internal change was coming. Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, which governs the West Bank, told an Israeli journalist that he believed the Arabs’ 1947 rejection of the partition was a mistake that he hoped to correct.
That was six years ago. Since then, Abbas, finishing the 13th year of a four-year term, has done little to turn that idea into reality.
As I prepare for an upcoming trip to Israel and the West Bank, my third visit to the region, I expect to find an even more dynamic Jewish state, where even the constant threat of catastrophe does not interfere with a zest for life.
Then again, that’s Israel. A miracle among nations.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Miriamhontas (Sen Warren) Now Claims She is Jewish

So Pocahontas our  token "Indian"  in the Senate, lies again, this time claiming that she is Jewish as well! 

On Thursday, during Krias Ha'Torah, I will name her "Miriamhontas"!!

Chareidie "terrorist liars" Make Up"Bubba Maaseh" That IDF Arrested Female Draft Dodger Just so they can Riot!!!

The Israel Defense Forces denied arresting a female ultra-Orthodox draft dodger, after the rumor sparked violent protests by ultra-Orthodox demonstrators at a Jerusalem IDF recruitment center on Tuesday.
In a statement on its Twitter account, the army said there was no truth to the “erroneous reports” it had detained an ultra-Orthodox woman for avoiding enlistment.
It also strongly condemned Tuesday’s violent attacks on police officers by ultra-Orthodox protesters and stressed “that any act of this type will not deter the recruitment of those designated for military service in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.”
The denial from the IDF came after 34 ultra-Orthodox demonstrators were arrested Tuesday during violent protests in Jerusalem against the imprisonment of community members who ignored army draft orders. The rumor of the woman’s detainment fueled Tuesday’s violent demonstrations, according to Hebrew reports.
Demonstrators gathered outside the IDF draft office on Rashi Street in the capital and blocked the entrance to the building, as well as the road outside. Officers who arrived to disperse the protesters were pelted with rocks, eggs, and other items, leading to three officers being lightly injured, police said.
Cops, including mounted officers, cleared the roadway.
“Police restored public order” after arresting the “rioters,” police said in a statement.
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men protest outside the IDF recruiting office in Jerusalem, November 28, 2017. (Flash90)
The demonstration came days after a fringe religious group caused mayhem during hours of confrontations with police in Jerusalem on Sunday.
On Tuesday morning, two other demonstrators were also arrested outside the draft office.
כמה עשרות חרדים מתעמתים עם שוטרים מחוץ ללשכת הגיוס בי-ם @Yossi_eli