Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tashlich in Monsey causes Chillul Hashem!

Rabbosie..... there is a lake in Monsey that the Oilem goes to for Tashlich. 
You would think that's a great thing .... what could possibly go wrong when you are trying to throw all your "aveiras" into a lake?

Except there are two signs at the lake warning the "baal aveiras" not to feed the ducks! One in English for the yiddishe "goyim" that don't understand the holy Yiddish, and one in Yiddish for the "Heimishe baal aveiros!" who don't understand "goyish"!

So what do the  "Heimishe baal aveiros" do? 
They bring their white garbage bags filled with challah and walk pass two signs begging them not to feed the ducks, ignore the warnings and  promptly throw all their challah garbage into the lake !  

The gemara would call this "toivling with a sheretz"! 
You come to ask the Ribono Shel Olim  for forgiveness, shlepping along machzoirim to "shukel away" and then , not only are you ignoring two signs in two languages but you are teaching your children to flaunt the local laws! 
A git kvittal

Sign in Yiddish that it is "prohibited to feed the ducks"

Sign in English 
Notice children on right feeding ducks

Notice hand with bread on left and children on left feeding ducks
Notice the Lady sitting with a white plastic bag with bread to feed the ducks

Notice white garbage bags on floor filled with bread 


Anonymous said...

DID,Don't you know that laws are only made for goyim and us heilige yiden don't have to keep them it's only made for those stupid goyim,that's why we can double park on both sides of the street and if an ambulance or fire truck can't pass,well it's just too bad for them.and that's why we can park next to a fire hydrant and pass some red lights and ignore stop signs,and thats why in the last 2 years two chasidic Jews in England and two Williamsburg Yiden drowned in lakes and beaches were signs were posted that swimming was prohibited,and that's why on SUCCOS we have half of the sidewalks and even some gutters are blocked because some Rebbelech and wanna be Rebbelech need to have their SUCCAH davka on the street,
and then of course we all wonder why some goyim hate us


New Square Talking Fish said...

You are wrong! Where does it say in the Torah that you can't feed the ducks in the Monsey lake? Nowhere, that's where! So therefore you should do it!
I asked a Heimisher macher a few years ago about why in his neighborhood there is an ugly mess of garbage thrown all over the streets and yards. He told me that it does not say in the Torah that you can't throw garbage around. Such frumkeit, it makes you feel so inspired! By the way if you travel to the back mountain roads of West Virginia, where people marry their sisters, you will also see garbage strewn around the yards. Which proves that the Monsey is Jewish Hillbilly country!

Anonymous said...

DIN, they need to fatten up the geese so they will have plenty schmaltz! Can't wait for the chol hamoed chillul Hashem pics where the chassidim are trashing the parks and climbing on statues.

Anonymous said...

They do it because of mesora.
Their parents did it so they do it. Same applies to garbage thrown everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Willow tree park?

Anonymous said...

Their lives are very sad really. Having to learn, duvven, worry about obeying silly chumrot day after day, while bored to tears no doubt - it's their bit of rebellion. They are never taught that this type of anti-social behaviour will rebound negatively on them, given time.

Katchka said...

The real fat one was technically not of the duck species. It was Ellen Jaffee.

Yid said...

Lashon hara, Lashon hara, Lashon hara. And.... ooh, some motzi shem raa too.