Sunday, October 16, 2016

‘Hillary’s America’ Hits No. 1, Sells Out On Amazon

After sparking a nationwide debate with a limited release in U.S theaters, conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary has seen a second spike in popularity with its release on DVD and other digital formats.
Released Tuesday, Hillary’s America quickly ascended to the top of the best-sellers list on Amazon despite being up against several films that took in far more revenue while in theaters.
The documentary, which focuses on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the history of her party, earned at the box office about one-tenth of two other movies — Ghostbusters and Legend of Tarzan — released on DVD Tuesday.
With just weeks left until Election Day, though, D’Souza’s film outsold every other movie on Amazon and, as of this writing, remains No. 1.
The entertainment company further pointed out that more copies of Hillary’s America were sold in two days than D’Souza’s previous film, America: Imagine the World Without Her, sold in the first four weeks of its DVD release.
While shoppers were reportedly advised earlier this week that the DVD might not be available until after next month’s election, the supply had apparently been replenished as of Saturday morning. Copies are also available for order through the film’s official website.
Lionsgate explained Amazon bases its initial offering on the level of pre-orders, which was reportedly moderate for the latest D’Souza film. Higher-than-expected sales on the first two days of its digital release, however, quickly depleted the inventory.
The documentary’s theatrical release was tinged with allegations of efforts to suppress its reach, including some iPhone users who claimed searches for showtimes either provided no results or incorrect information.
 Social-media chatter nonetheless continued to drive interest in the documentary even after it had left theaters
D’Souza explained what he believes the recent wave of interest in his documentary reveals about American voters.
“This shows there is a huge appetite for the truth about Hillary and the Democratic Party that you won’t get from the media,” he said in a statement provided to Western Journalism.
A D’Souza representative noted the disparity between box-office revenue and online sales, suggesting the film likely would have seen more success if it had been shown on more screens and remained longer in the theaters that did carry it.

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