Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pence vs the anti-Semite Kaine!

Kaine Pence Debate
There were 70 interruptions because Pence was interrupted 70 times.
 I don't care how you think he did, he was interrupted 70 times.   Seventy different times a serious effort was made to silence Mike Pence.  
We deserve better than this -- and the moderator was worthless, totally over her head, not qualified.  
For every Kaine interruption, you have to conclude 70 things Pence didn't get to say, 70 times Pence didn't get finished -- 70 times Pence was prevented from giving his thoughts.  
They were terrified of any right-leaning, mainstream American ideas entering the public arena.  Just shout out over and over that Trump loves Putin, that Mexicans are rapists, that women are pigs -- and those tax returns, yeah! Just keep pounding those tax returns. 
 Don't let anybody talk about, say, job creation.  No, no, we can't talk about job creation.  The government does that already. The government's doing great, like 15 million new jobs, the interrupter kept shouting last night, 15 million new jobs. 
What 15 million new jobs?  
There are 94 million Americans not working, 15 million new jobs?  What are they?  
They're part-time jobs, people hired, so companies can escape Obamacare, which even Bill Clinton is out trashing now.  And don't let's talk about the results of illegal immigration.  No, no, no, we can't talk about immigration honestly.  We can't permit any honest characterization of what's happening to this country because of illegal immigration, because there are too many potential Democrat votes tied up in it.  So we can't allow anybody to actually discuss this in a truthful and honest manner. 

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