Wednesday, October 5, 2016

R' Aron Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe of Monroe rules that the Marriage of Yoel and Chava Schwartz is Null and Void!

Religious Jews all over the world are in the midst of the "Aseres Yemei Tsuvah" and are making a reckoning of their actions from the past year; repenting and attempting to  rectify all the wrongs  they may have done to their fellow beings and their Creator.

But it seems that does not apply to Chassidishe Rebbes, specifically R' Aron Teitelbaum, Monroe Satmar Rebbe!

R' Aron is the one that wrote a letter to Senators and Congressman asking them  to  boycott Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to congress. Netanyahu was addressing both houses of congress  begging them to persuade the Obama administration not to hand nuclear arms into the hands of the Iranian Jew murderers. Even though he knew that Netanyahu was invited by the Speaker of the House.

Not content with throwing all Jews residing in Israel under the bus, he went out of his way to ostracize a young Satmar couple that reside in Kiryas Yoel , that got married in Woodbury, a stone's throw from Monroe.  

Yoel and Chava Schwarts got married properly under Jewish Law, but R' Aron, the dictator of Monroe, declared long ago that anyone that resides in Monroe must get married under his jurisdiction with one of his goons acting as the Mesader Kiddushin...

Since the Schwartz' "violated" his precept, he went bonkers and wrote the above Kol Korah , naming them by name and writing that their marriage is not recognized by their Kehilah and they " must get remarried by one of R' Aron's  own" gangsters! And if they ignore the "edict" they "will pay dearly" for their infraction.

Satmar is divided into 3 factions: 
The two feuding brothers: The Aronim under R' Aron Teitelbaum, and the Zilonim under R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, 
and the Bnei Yoel who hate both of them!
All three factions live also in Monroe and have their own institutions and Shuls in Kiryas Yoel.

But since R' Aron lives there as well. he considers himself the king and wants all the residents in Monroe to be his subjects! 
But Satmars will remain Satmars ... and the Zalonim and the Bnei Yoel thumb their fingers at him and ignore him and act as if R' Aron is an annoying  fly on the wall! 
So the Schwartz' who I presume are Bnei Yoel ignored the king and will now pay dearly for the "mischief"  they did ...which was getting married under the halacha but not under the direction of R' Aron's gangsters!
A Git Genbentched Yuhr! 


Anonymous said...

The guru is a disgrace

Anonymous said...

DIN,how could you call this piece of human garbage a Rebbe,
this filthy Jew hating and Israel hating animal is nothing but a KAPO BASTARD and a FARSHTINKENE BAAL GAVAH.
Have no doubt had this filthy swine been alive during the times of the SANHEDRIN he would have been found guilty and put to death as a ZAKEN MAMRE

Anonymous said...

Aron Rules? Vayiftach Elokim Es Pi Ho'Oson... Who cares what he says?

Anonymous said...

and to think, how many thousands of stupid morons worship this fool?
I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

They are inbred clowns.

Shlomo1 said...

See this article re Satmar

Berel said...

How could any of you say things like that? I suggest you all stop now with this absolute rishus. You need these Rebbe's forgiveness for all of this! They are all incredibly huge Tzaddikim unlike you guys, I can see.

Please, for the good of the entire world, stop with this foolishness! It is time for Teshuva for all of us. And this is not at all part of it. So just stop and think twice next time, please, before you spread Motzi Shem Raa.

I've got nothing against any of you. You are all good Yidden, but just with bad machshavos.

G'mar Chasima Tovah all!

Dusiznies said...

In your nice "G'mar Chasima Tovah all!" way, you are misleading my readers, into thinking that Satmar is one peaceful group and we attacking them ....
I challenge you to pick up this week's Der Blatt pt Der Yid and read their "editorials" this week during the Eseres Yemei Teshuvah ...and you will see hate that is comparable to Der Sturmer!
The Rebbe instilled such hate in his chassidim that it must be challenged ...every single step of the way!
G'mar Chasima Tovah all!

Berel said...

Definitely not. I am just revealing the truth....

Anonymous said...

Now, we have a solution to the agunah problem -- R" Aron is willing to null marriages -- and not a peep of protest as when R Kaminetzky did so.