Thursday, December 8, 2011

Underage Yeshivah Bochur arrested for DWI, coming home from a Wedding!

Time for the Rabbonim to admonish the ladies to dress more tznisdik! Why? You ask? If the Bochur would have killed another Yid, C"V, while drunk, the Rosh Yeshivas would have come out with a Kol Koreh warning the ladies to dress tznisdik.... but now that he only wound up in the back of a police car .. nothing will be done!
I am sarcastic of course, what my real message is that instead of dealing with the issue, like banning underage Yeshivah Bochrum from drinking at weddings, bar-mitzvas etc, the Rabbis admonish the ladies!

Read the report from, yes, Yeshivaworld.

A Yeshiva Bochur returning from his friends Chasunah was arrested for DWI, Tuesday night.
According to our sources, the boy was stopped by officers from the NYPD in the Flatbush area, after displaying signs of being intoxicated. The 19-year-old Bochur, who is a student at a prominent Yeshiva was taken into custody, and will now need to face the consequences of his irresponsible, and potentially deadly actions.
Thankfully, he did not hurt or kill anyone – including himself – while at the wheel.
YWN spoke with a leading Rov on Wednesday morning to hear his thoughts on this story.
“It’s time people dig their heads out of the sand, and deal with this issue head-on”, he said.
“This story should be a wake-up call for Klal Yisroel, and no I don’t mean to discuss it at an Agudah Convention. I mean to DEAL WITH THE ISSUE, and once and for all eradicate this plague of Yeshiva Bochrim drinking at weddings, vorts, shabbos meals etc.”
He added that “Klal Yisroel should give Shevah V’hodaah to the Robono Shel Olam that this Bochur ended up in police car, rather than in an emergency room or worse, Chas Veshalom”.

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Barbara said...

Reminds me of a Catholic I know, whose mother always complained that no matter what, the mothers were admonished in sermons. Of course, it is always the mothers and women who are to blame for everything. Including in your following article on girls marrying Arabs. Oh, yes, let's keep on blaming the women. See how far that has gotten you.