Friday, December 30, 2011

Judge stops Jewish killer husband from collecting her Life Insurance!

A man suspected of killing his beautiful blond banker wife in her Upper West Side apartment has been stripped of control of the $1.6 million in insurance money she left their kids — after The Post's exposé on how he got his hands on the cash.
(Dus iz Nies is wondering how Misaskim and the Chevra Kadisha allowed Shele Danishefsky to be buried the next day, knowing full well that she was strangled. We have information that the Chevra Kadisha saw the strangulation marks on the body and didn't report it..)
Shele Danishefsky and her killer husband Rod Covlin
Westchester County Surrogate’s Court Judge Anthony Scarpino iced Rod Covlin’s control of the big-bucks payout after The Post reported that he’d apparently conned his way into controlling the purse strings for his children, Anna, 11, and Myles, 5.

The order will remain in place until at least next Wednesday, when the judge has set an emergency hearing amid the new revelations.

Covlin — who’s being sued by the New York County Public Administrator’s Office for allegedly causing Shele Danishefsky Covlin’s wrongful death by strangling her — had in his April petition for guardianship of the dough never mentioned that his wife was a murder victim and that he was a suspect.
Shele’s body was found by her daughter in the bathtub of their West 68th Street apartment with a gash on her head on Dec. 31, 2009. She had been scheduled to meet with a lawyer the next day to remove Covlin from her will.
Covlin has not been charged in his wife’s death. Sources yesterday told The Post only that an ­arrest in the case could come by spring.
When Covlin submitted Shele’s death certificate to the Westchester court as part of the insurance-fund proceeding, he handed in one dated Jan. 10, 2010, which listed her cause of death as “undetermined” and said there had been no autopsy.
That was true — in January 2010.
But three months later — concerned about reports from friends that Covlin had threatened to kill Shele — her Orthodox Jewish family got special permission from a rabbi to have her body exhumed and an autopsy performed. The family had originally refused an autopsy on religious grounds.
Officials said the probe was hampered by the condition of the mom’s body when finally exhumed.
But the city medical examiner still found that she’d been strangled and reclassified her death as a homicide.
A source said Covlin had been listed as a beneficiary of the Aetna policy but Shele switched it to just her kids about a month before she died, when she was telling friends that she was worried he was going to kill her.
Covlin was still named as a beneficiary in two other $1 million life-insurance policies from US Life and Hartford Insurance. That prompted police to let both companies know he was considered a “primary suspect.” As a result, both proactively went to court and had their payouts put in a court account.
Marilyn Chinitz of the law firm Blank Rome, which is representing Shele’s family, declined comment.

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