Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chareidim turn over carriage with baby inside to stop Egged bus!

Some 100 haredim in Jerusalem's ultra-orthodox Mea Shearim neighborhood blocked a road in order to stop Egged bus line number 1 from passing through the neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

In addition to standing in the road, the protesters overturned a baby carriage - with a baby in it - in front of the bus.

In a press conference in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem Police Chief Nisso Shaham insisted that police would not stop their activities in the neighborhood, working to stop the separation of women.

Jerusalem Post


Anonymous said...

Jewish Taliban in action again! The #1 bus goes to the Kotel Western Wall and back again. Do thesepeople really want to build a ghetto in Jerusalem? Their extremism will eventually separate them from the rest of Israeli society and then they can happily return to what they truly enjoy-attacking each other.

Chaya said...

Fix the headline - they didn't turn over a bus.

Anonymous said...

these are animals. you treat them as such if you need to curb them.
their thinking on babies: plenty more where they came from!
G-d forgive us all.