Friday, December 30, 2011

Rav Elyashiv bans Mishpacha Magazine! Satmar bans AMI, Bina, Mishpacha, and Hamodia Magazines!

Hi Folks! Its crazy out there and getting crazier....
Yitzchok Frankfurter editor of Ami Magazine, the chief panderer of Satmar just got kicked in his lower posterior by Satmar. He thought by featuring the article "The Principle" and sucking up to Satmar he would be allowed to sell his magazine in Williamsburg.... well he is just got a major surprise! They just banned Ami, Mishpacha, Bina and Hamodia! Satmar instead of  thanking Hertz Frankel the author of "The Principle" for putting a nice face on Satmar, threw him under the bus! The Kol Koreh writes that Hertz Frankel, not mentioning him by name but referring to him as  the "Spokesman" is a "two faced" liar, just as we have been writing in the past, but they added that his article is "Pro-Zionist" ??? I guess because he wrote that the Satmar Rebbi was saved by a Zionist! Hey Frankel ... this is what you get when you deal with Gypsies and Romanians. They use you and when they are finished they betray you... Hope you learned a lesson..
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Meanwhile, in our Holy city of Yerushalyim, Rav Elyashav Shlitah banned Mispacha Magazine and prohibited anyone helping the magazine in any way!
I guess we are all going to have to go back to the good old days of reading, Time, Newsweek etc. 

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Anonymous said...

The Bnei Yoel are starting up with Ami though it is quite anti-Zionistic because it is pro the Aroinim. No surprise there.