Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lakewood Bais Din Disbands & Refuses To Deal With Alleged Molester!

Yosef Kolko, Alleged Molester
Our Rabbonim keep telling us not to go to the courts, but rather to go to Bais Din.
Here see a case where a father of a molested boy did the "right thing" and went to Bais Din,  but Bais Din refused to deal with it. When the father realized that the Bais Din would do nothing, he went to the Police. He was then subjected to tremendous Community and Rabbinical pressure to withdraw the complaint and had to move his family from the "Holy" city of Lakewood. This and other similiar stories are causing a tremendous dilemma and an inevitable rift between Torah True Jews and their Rabbonim. The "Baalie Batim" are turning away in droves from their leaders and turning to the blogs for relief. If the Rabbonim do not  act swiftly against molesters, they will lose all respect which will eventually hurt the integrity of all Roshei Yeshivos'.
It may already be too late!


bob said...

two kolko's?

expose_pedophiles said...

kolko abused the other kolko ...perfect breeding ground for a sick twisted coward that preys on children such as this erev rav pig....THE APPLE DOESNT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE