Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oy Vey: Yeshiva students to combine work, Torah studies

Israel: Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar signed a new regulation Tuesday enabling Kolel students to receive a state scholarship for studying Torah in a part-time capacity. Yeshiva students will no longer be required to study 35 weekly hours to enjoy the benefit. Anyone studying 18 hours or more will qualify for a stipend or part of it.
Maybe now the Kolel Yungerleit will be able to fulfill their Ketubah obligations :

ואנא אפלח ואוקיר ואיזון ואפרנס יתיכי ליכי כהלכות גוברין יהודאין
"I will cherish, honor, support and maintain you in accordance with the Halachic guidelines of Jewish husbands"


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