Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Frum Man Kills His Wife in Staten Island!

The Staten Island man whose wife was found strangled today inside her home is now in police custody, sources said.
Eva Rubin, 63, was found dead at 1:30 p.m. inside her Crafton Avenue home in Willowbrook, police said.
Her husband, Arthur Rubin, 64, surrendered to authorities after reaching out to a friend who helped orchestrate the meeting with detectives, sources said.
He was taken to an undisclosed hospital to be treated for puncture wounds to his chest, sources added. It is unclear how he incurred the injuries.
Earlier in the day, cops had launched a citywide search for a green Hyundai Sante Fe that Rubin was believed to be driving, according to sources.
"Get to the house. I'm sorry for what I did," Rubin told his son-in-law in a text message he sent earlier in the day, the sources said.
His wife was found face-up on her bed with marks on her neck, the sources added.
Rubin also sent family members emails saying he was "sorry" and that he "couldn’t take it anymore," as well as several other self-incriminating statements, sources said.
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UPDATE!!! April 14

The Staten Island man who emailed an apology to relatives before his wife was found dead killed her in a fight over over money, police said Wednesday.
The medical examiner confirmed Eva Rubin, 63, was strangled. Her body was discovered inside the family's Willowbrook home Tuesday afternoon.
There were apparently some financial issues involved between both of them," Kelly said. "Apparently, there was an argument, a fight over money, and the availability of money to the wife."

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