Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rabbis BAN Yiddish Magazine "A Blik" Because it Contains Beautiful Pictures of Nature!

Failed Messiah reports that Chareidie Rabbis are now banning the Yiddish Magazine,  "A Blik" (A Glimpse) because it may G-D forbid show them the beauty of G-D's Creation. The basis of this ban is that the Magazine gets its information from "impure" and "contaminated" sources.

Loose Translation of the Heading:

"We were asked by the respected Rabbis Geonim to inform the respected community about the new publication:
 A Blik 

that unfortunately opened a new wound in Klall Yisroel, by developing a new product from gentile literature, with attractive pictures"
Loose translation of last paragraph:

"We are "warning" each and every Man and Lady, to stay far away from this publication. And for those who knew or didn't know and brought this magazine into the house, please don't forget to burn it with your chometz.
Watch your children, that they shouldn't touch this poison that destroys the soul till the flesh. These precious Jewish children should instead prepare themselves for this Holiday of Pesach  with pure hearts, holiness, and cleanliness, with the right preparations as fitting for Jewish children."


Anonymous said...

who is the editor of this blik ?

Anonymous said...

Even more funny considering the publications that published the photos from the situation room.