Friday, April 22, 2011

Crazy Israeli "Leftists" Visit and Hug Mother of Fogel Murderer

Raya Yaron (The Meshuganer) comforting Nuf Awad the mother of Fogels'  murderer

A photograph from the visit which can be viewed here, posted by one of the activists on her Internet blog, shows Raya Yaron, spokeswoman of Machsom Watch, comforting a woman described as being 37 years old and "in a deep depression." The blogger explained in her post that the woman fainted during the leftist women's visit and was distraught over the arrest of her husband, her two sons and a daughter.
The woman is easily recognizable as Nuf Awad, mother of Hakem Awad, whose photograph was featured on the front page of Arab newspaper al-Hayat al-JadidaMonday.

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