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Rabbi Handler on Zev Brenner Show Calls Rabbis of Monsey "lightweights"

William Handler
Zev Brenner
Rabbi William Handler Spokesman of the Vaad Harabonim of Monsey told the world on the Zev Brenner Radio Show on Motzei Shabbos February 6, 2011, that Rabbi & Posek Ben Zion Wosner Shlitah ( Head of the Shevet Levi Rabbinical Court in Monseyand Rabbi & Posek Yecheskel Gold Shlitah, Satmar Dayan, and Rabbi Leibish Rottenberg shlitah of Forshey, are "lightweights!" He then called Rabbi Rottenberg a "Rebbele with a Shteebel"
(Harav Chaim Leibish Rottenberg Shlita, is the Mora d'asra of Beis Hamedrash Netzach Yisroel of Monsey, and is a renowned scholar and posek of Bikur Cholim and Hatzalah)
This Handler guy had no problem being Mevazeh Talmedei Chachomim (ridiculing Torah Scholars) to thousands of listeners, while accusing others of the same. He insulted Harav Blau Shlitah, (Rosh Yeshiva Yitzchok Elchonon) who appeared on last week's panel on the Zev Brenner show. He had the "chutzpah" to lecture us about having respect for Gedolim and "Koved Hatorah."

This is in reference to Weingarten, the convicted Rapist. The above mentioned prominent Rabbonim of Monsey convicted Yisroel Moshe Weingarten in a Bais Din ... 
Handler in effect said that the Rabbonim that investigated the case and questioned the victims and witnesses are not Daas Torah, but only his  Rabbonim that never investigated and never questioned any witnesses and who are backing the convicted Rapist are Daas Torah!
 He then read a typed letter that clames that Weingarten is innocent and that letter was allegedly signed by Rabbi Kreisworth Z"L of Antwerp. Rav Kreisworth has long since died and no one can question Rav Kreisworth whether he in fact signed the letter and if he actually met with any of the victims (he didn't). The other signatures were signed in different ink and added later on so there is no way to ascertain whether any of the other signers had any knowledge if R' Kreisworth actually signed the typed letter, some "yukel" could have forged R' Kreisworth's signature... we will never know. Another signer Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss of Badatz Yerushalayim is the same Rabbi who enthusiastically supported the trend of religious women walking around covered head-to-toe in black clothes

R' Weiss also supported the haredi mother who starved her own child, leading to months of haredi riots against Hadassah Hospital. He supported Yisroel Valis who murdered his own handicapped child. And now he currently supports convicted child rapist Israel Weingarten.
Handler accused the trial of being fixed and claimed that some Satmar guy from Monroe by the name of "Witroel" influenced Judge Gleason. He said that he saw "Witroel leave Judge Gleason's chamber" but then in the same interview he says that he never attended the trial! One of the children of Weingarten called in and said a Satmar Guy by the name of Lefkowitz did him in. Let's blame everybody but Weingarten.

Turns out that the Monsey Rabbonim put up a guy by the name of Handler to be their spokesman, who never met Weingarten, never met any of the witnesses and admitted on live radio that he doesn't know anything about the case; mocked Gedolei Yisroel and poskim like R'  Wosner, R' Rottenberg, Rabbi Gold and Rabbi Blau!
 Handler said that in "America every body can be a Rabbi," but when Mark Meyer Appel called him "Mr. Handler," he immediately corrected him and said that he was a "Rabbi."
It is people like Handler that cause people to have zero respect for our Gedolim. 
He called Rabbonim and noted Poskim who don't agree with him "lightweights"and "Yechidim."
 Handler (a heavyweight physically) himself is a rabid Anti-Zionist; an extremist in his views and dismisses  the greatest of our Rabbinic leaders,  the Gerer Rebbe, The Belzer Rebbi, the Vishnitzer Rebbi, the Kloisenberger Rebbi  and the Lubavitcher Rabbi, who all supported Israel.  Handler prays every single day for the demise of the State of Israel, knowing full well that this would cause G-D forbid the annihalation of millions of his brethren.
 He once protested in front of the house of The Great Tzaddik the Bobover Rebbe, Reb Shlomo Z"l, when the Rebbe met with the then Mayor of New York, Ed Koch! 
 He supports "Daas Torah" only when it coincides with his twisted way of thinking, and this is their spokesman.

Shame on you Handler!! Brenner Show


Anonymous said...

Did you hear the children? I know them and I know Rabbi Weingarten. Regardless of Handler, it is clear that Rabbi Weingarten is 100% innocent and a big tzaddik. Rabbi Weingarten is one of the biggest opponents to Neturei Karta, and this is why he is sitting, as his son Reb Yoel mentioned. He revealed to the community the horrible apikorses that MB Beck and company espouse, so Beck sent his goons, ub'roshum Lefkowitz, as Reb Yoel mentioned, to frame this holy tzaddik.

The Federal system is tremendously corrupt. I would say that the real abusers get away with this rishus (like the new rabbi in liberty, ny, who is a known sexual predator and a big danger to the community) while tzaddikim like Rabbi Weingarten get framed.

Why would the kids shlep from Canada and NY to visit their father every week in Virginia if he were guilty? Why would they put up with the bizyonos they face all the time from the community? The answer is that it is clear that Rabbi Weingarten in 100% innocent!!!

Anonymous said...

to all of you who are trying to make the case for a defence remeber this saying!!!

where there is SMOKE there is FIRE!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. first comment (loser),

Why don't you come up with somthing more original? Why are your comments acopied and pasted from other websites?

mark meyer appel said...

with gods help we will win the battle in protecting our children and eradicate those phony rabbis who are protecting the molestors chazak mark meyer appel
the voice of justice

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Rottenberg is the main rav of the Forshay community in Monsey and is the official and only rav of Monsey Hatzolah. He was mekabel eiduth from Hatzola members who took Weingarten's daughter to the hospital after complications from the father raping her.

Monsey said...

How much does billy Handler weigh in at?

Anonymous said...

One question to the editor: Why do you mix together the horrible case of Weingarten y"sh with Zionism? This is a misuse of all victims of child abusers for the political agenda of Zionism.

Anonymous said...

BTW: One of your "respected" Gedolim, the Gerer "Rebbe", is himself a supporter of the molester Mondrowitz.

Dusiznies said...

To Feb 10, 3:22
The reason that I mentioned that Handler was a "rabid anti-zionist" was to magnify Handler's twisted mind, and the fact that he is an extremist .... on one hand he is a big fan and Chusid of the Satmerer Rebbi Z"L, holds from the "shitah" and in the same breath will advocate for a convicted rapist. To him any "Gadol" that doesn't hold from the "shitah" is a "lightweight," His priorities are very confusing.This indicates that either Handler is a very sick man or a clown. This article wasn't so much about Weingarten as it was about Handler.

Dusiznies said...

To Anonymous Feb 10, 2011
You are absolutely correct... but when I mentioned the Gerer Rebbi Z"L, I was talking about the Bais Yisroel. Again, It was mentioned in the context that Handler "the clown" dismisses any rav that would in any way be supportive of the State of Israel..and that he advocates extremists positions except when it comes to protect our precious children..