Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Yiddish Newspaper "De Zeitung" Lies About The Weingarten Case!

The Yiddish Newspaper "DEE Zeitung"

First let me translate the lying headline:
The Legal World still totally shocked from  positive signs in the case of Rabbi and Gaon (torah prodigy) Rebi Yisroel Moshe Weingarten Shlitah

Now let me translate the byline:
Legal experts: This shows that the verdict was too quick, and not logical.

I would like to analyze the distortion of truth in the headline.
 The lying "Zeitung" is in fact telling its naive audience that there was some positive aspect in the decision of the appeals court to throw out one of the charges and that the "legal world" was in shock because of it.
The truth is that the charge that was thrown out was the charge that Weingarten committed abuse during his travels between Belgium and Israel, and that charge was thrown out not because he didn't do it but solely because citizens cannot be found guilty in America for crimes committed oversees unless there's  "territorial nexus" to the United States.

The three-judge panel upheld other convictions covering abuse that took place during travel from Brooklyn to Belgium, and from Israel to Brooklyn.
The "Legal World" was not and  is not shocked by this, and this is not a positive sign because he will probably not get off any years from his sentence because of this development.

Because of space restraint I have decided to translate only some of the content of this article, but if my readers want I have no problem translating the entire article.

Translation of the first and part of the second paragraph of the article..
"The general media which follows legal happenings, and the legal journals in particular, prominently reported  the break in the case of Rabbi and Gaon Rebbi Yisroel Moshe Weingarten Shlitah. The report that the  New York State Appellate Court found him innocent from a third of the charges that he was found guilty years ago.

The legal media, for example the "Law Journal" reported with astonishment that the Appeals Court threw out a third of the charges, which shows that the verdict was not legally correct , and it also showed that the case had many holes and was not based on facts."

My analysis:
  1.  The general media and the "Law Journal" didn't report this development with astonishment but reported this as it would any news that applies to the legal "world", that you cannot charge someone for crimes committed oversees unless there is "territorial nexus to the US."
  2. The Appellate Court didn't find him innocent of that charge, they threw it out because of a technical law issue, and not because he didn't do it..
Loose Translation of the Third Paragraph of the Lying "Dee Zeiting"
"As was already reported, The New York State Appellate Court with a panel of three judges, Livingston, Wesley, and Cobrens, partially accepted the clear proof and the logic from the defense lawyers who submitted papers appealing the disgusting verdict, which sentenced Rebbi YM Weingarten Shlitah  to 30 years in a terrible jail. The court understood that the lower court was quick to sentence him to such a stringent sentence, they therefore threw out a part of that verdict, and took off 10 years jail time and reduced a third of his sentence ."

My analysis:
 It wasn't  the "New York State Appellate Court," it was  the United States Appellate Court based in New York State..
  1. The reason the court threw out the charge was not because "they understood that the lower court was too quick to reach a verdict" but as we mentioned before, the Appellate Court ruled that the lower court had no jurisdiction to charge him with the crime of transporting his daughter from Belgium to Israel. They actually upheld the other charges!
  2. The court did not as of February 1, 2011 reduce his sentence....
  3. The Zeitung is lying when they report to their naive readers that the court already reduced the sentence.
Loose Translation of the rest of the article on the second scan above.
"Legal experts say that this proves that with a good legal defense and with the right lawyers, Rabbi Weingarten would have never received such a verdict. The whole unheard and bitter trial happened only because the defendant didn't have the right defense.. This gave way to those who want to take his life to have him incarcerated in the worst possible way.
It is now easier to find great lawyers, since we can now prove that we have a better chance and that G-D will make sure that we are successful.
It was clear for a very long time to those close to him, his children, his close students, and those advocating for the Respected Torah Scholar and Righteous One, that all the allegations are totally false and one cannot comprehend this at all. But now, we see that even by the courts it is possible to prove and to overturn this verdict.
The Appellate Court actually removed 10 years from his sentence, but it still hurts since it is like a "Torah Scroll in Pain," that such a Torah Scholar and G-D fearing person and a innocent person that was only a sacrifice to bitter factions, sits in such a bitter circumstance and the courts still didn't totally free him.

The new developments gives renewed strength, hope and spirit to the great Rabbis that are busy to redeem him "Pidyan Shevuiyim." The leader of these Rabbis is the Gaon and Righteous Rebbi Yitzchok Tuviah Weiss from Jerusalem, and the Gaon and Righteous Rabbi Moshe Green Shlitah, Rosh Yeshivah of Monsey.
Rosh Yeshivah who is in a terrible situation in a bitter jail in the far away Virginia.

In the last few days, Community Organizers and the Rabbis had meetings. The ones attending was Rabbi Gaon Rabbi Moshe Green Shlitah, and the Rabbis Goanim and Righteous Ones, Rabbi Yisroel Shorr Rosh Yeshivah Ohr Samaich, Rabbi the Goan Menachim Meir Weismandel Shlitah Chief Beis Din of Nitra, Rabbi the Gaon Rabbi Yisroel Duvid Schlesinger Shlitah, Rabbi the Gaon Rebbi Chaim Yehoshuah Halberstam, Bais Din Satmar Monsey, Rabbi Avraham Shorr Shlitah Bais Din Tiferes Yaakov, Rabbi the Gaon Rabbi Chaim Fival Schnaybalg Chief of the Bais Din Avrachim, Monsey, Rabbi the Gaon Rebbi Efraim Stein Shlitah chief Baid Din Politchin,
 and more Rabbis to give advise and to start working on this case.
The Community Organizers and the Rabbis and students of the Rosh Yeshivah are working very hard, and are appealing with heart to the community at large for help. We should pray for Moshe the son of Liba, and should help with donations to pay for the huge legal costs.
The donations can be sent to the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Green Shlita 
Rabbi Moshe Green Shlitah, 2 Roman Blvd. Monsey NY 10952
Make checks out to Keren Drorr 1444 
To pay with credit card call 718-907-5423

My analysis:
  1. I found a great Irony: Rabbi Moshe Green is on the Vaad Hazniyas in Monsey, he has been seen on many occasions sitting  in a van driven by Mendy Greenwald  outside the 7 Eleven (a hangout) on College Road looking to see who enters the shop...and then having Mendy harrass them afterwards. He is now defending a convicted child molester!! 
  2. Rabbi C.F. Schnaybalg is also on the Vaad... but he finds no problem defending Weingarten.
  3. Again, the Appellate Court did not remove 10 years from his sentence, the sentencing was sent back to the Judge and it more than likely that he will keep the 30 years.
  4. I would also pray for Weingarten, Yisroel Moshe ben Liba, that he comes to his senses and apologise for the hurt he  caused and  ask his daughter forgiveness..so they all can have closure.
  5. I would especially pray for his daughter Fruma Leah Bas Feigah whose youth was robbed, and her future destroyed!
  6. The Yiddish newspaper Dee Zeitung is deliberately misleading and lying to its readers .


Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Another of their many lies is the the court will review the other charges. No way. Everything was upheld with no comment excpet to accept the judges summary.

Now Weingarten's only option is to appeal to the Supreme Court. He has 2/100 of 1% chance if even being taken up by them and even less chance of winning. He is going to sit in jail for a long time. The only beneficiaries will be lawyers. Or perhaps the folks spending the money because some of it might stick to their fingers.

Anonymous said...

They can apply for an en banc rehearing of the case, which is a hearing in front of all judges sitting on the 2nd circuit. Of course, the unanimous ruling he received now does not bode well for his chances.

I'm hoping the judge re sentences him to the same effective sentence for the remaining 4 crimes.

As an aside, I would think the government would have an interest to appeal the ruling because of the potential impact it can have on similar cases.

Anonymous said...

My understanding that the government might not appeal this ruling, they tried to charge him with a charge that was never used before. Additionally, if you look closely at the ruling on page 20, the last sentence is “and the case is remanded for further proceedings consistent with these proceedings.” Meaning that the appellate court, never reduced the sentence, they send it back to Judge Gleason, and from his previous written rulings, we know what he thinks of the convict.

Anonymous said...

The most unfortunate part is that no matter how much they lie, my sorrow and sadness for what happened to me at the hands of my own father will never change.