Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shimon Weisser Behind the VosIzNeias Ban?? Is he the Thug??

 The reliable blog Frumfollies reports that "Shimon Weisser and others are  involved in the ban and are making the rounds trying to kill VIN’s business by threatening advertisers and others who cooperate with it."

מו"ה שמעון ווייזער נ"י


 Shimon Weisser, is a community board member who singled himself out as a representative of the Hasidic community.
 So here we have a guy who "represents" the Hasidic Community and is a thug.... some "representer!

Call him up and ask him why he doesn't ban the Zeitung, the Yid and The Blatt all Yiddish newspapers that are full of Loshon Harah against any Jew that doesn't agree with their radical ideas? 
Ask him what his motive is to close down the blog VIN specifically? Is is because Weisser is somehow connected with Weingarten , who raped his own daughter,   and is now after the News Blog VIN who had the guts to report it? Is Weisser, the Community Board Member, protecting a convicted rapist?

Message to the Thug:
Stop hiding behind your crazy e-mails ... be a man and come out of the closet! 


Anonymous said...

vois is neies also hids behind his computer he is anonymous and he does not post most comments people post only the ones that fit his adjenda so he gets eye for eye

Dusiznies said...

That is true, but VIN is not banning anyone! Eye for an Eye?