Saturday, February 26, 2011

Question: Is Rabbi Moshe Green Protecting a Rapist?

Rabbi Moshe Green
No! We are not referring to Weingarten.
People in Monsey have known for at least a year that a rapist who allegedly molested and sexually abused his own niece has been shielded and protected by Rabbi Green.
Our take on this:
Rabbi Green is on the Vaad Hatznius of Monsey, and has been seen sitting in a van on many occasions in the parking lot of  7 Eleven on College Road & Route 59 in Monsey, observing who enters and leaves the establishment. Rabbi Green's  driver would then harass any young man or lady seen talking to the opposite sex.
This driver is the alleged rapist!
The "driver" is not a cab driver but a very successful businessman! Why would a successful businessman drive the Rabbi around and sit for hours in a parking lot?
The talk in town is that the rapist and his family schemed to get very close to Rabbi Green, and they proceeded to develop a smokescreen where the businessman made himself available to Rabbi Green; driving  Rabbi Green  around on the pretense and guise of enforcing the Vaad Hatznius guidelines, which prohibited anyone to shop or hang around 7 Eleven. This would make certain  that  the Rabbi would never accept and believe anything said about the businessman, and that is exactly what happened.
The question for the community is how long are we going to tolerate this?
Why is it that Rabbi Green will always accept the excuses of rapists such as Weingarten and his "driver," as facts, but will not accept or even listen to the cries of the victims?
Another question: Why are the people who know the story keeping quiet?

Rabbi Green is the Rabbi who signed a Kol Koreh proclaiming that the convicted rapist Yisroel Moshe Weingarten is innocent and went to visit him in jail in Virginia. Rabbi Green refused to speak to any of Weingarten's victims or their lawyers.


Baal Habos said...

"Why are the people who know the story keeping quiet?"

Good question. Why are you keeping quiet and not naming the driver?

Dusiznies said...

The DA of Rockland County is well aware of this case and is having problems proceeding because of community and family threats on the victim. Rabbi Green will not allow the victim to speak.