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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ed Day Looking to besmirch Monsey Hatzalah

On July 18, the Hatzalah Jewish volunteer ambulance service rushed to a swimming pool in Pomona New York, near Monsey, and desperately tried to save 7 year old Miriam Zidele, to no avail. She died the next day at Weschester Medical Center. 

Now police are investigating to why they were never informed of the incident as required by law.

According to Hudson Valley News, police only got wind of the incident a week later. Rockland County Executive Ed Day told the TV station that law enforcement officials have heard about other cases in which Hatzalah did not inform authorities after incidents which they were required by law to do so.

A new law in Rockland Country has been proposed that would make not reporting an incident in Rockland a crime.

Members of the Rockland Country Jewish community wave off the charges, contending that Country Executive Ed Day was looking to besmirch Hatzalah due to his rocky relationship with the religious community. 

"They are going after Haztalah for not reporting suspicion of abuse, but the hospital she was taken to is also obligated to report it, but didn't." a senior source in Haztalah told Arutz Sheva.


Anonymous said...

Well if the law says that you have to report these incidents,then you report it

#fakescandal said...

The article states that "a new law has been proposed..." clearly at the time of the incident it was not a law. So what's the scandal?? #fakenews

#fakescandal said...

The article states "a new law has been proposed...." so at the time of the incident there was no obligation. What's the scandal??? #fakescandal

Anonymous said...

fakescandel - you need to work on your comprehension skills.
There is an existing law requiring reporting. The new law will make failure to report a crime. The "religious community" are cowed by their "religious leaders" to never talk to the police and cover up any forms of foul play, crime, abuse, molestation, deaths and accidents.
The real victims are the kids who get no education and a future on welfare stuck in a cult. Haztalah has a long history of hiding and financial shenanigans.