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Monday, February 20, 2017

Watch Nikki Haley Blast The UN For It's Sick 'Obsession With Israel'


anonymous said...

DIN it's about time you learned a little grammar. The word "its" does NOT get an apostrophe unless you're using it as a contraction for two words: "it is". Let's see if you can remember that and finally put it into practice.

Anonymous said...

You're a bit rude for the grammar police.

Anonymous said...

at 10:56 PM

Hey idiot,nobody forces you to read DIN,if you want to read impeccable and perfect spelling go read the Jew hating rag "the n.y times"

william gran said...

Maybe u should learn him grammer

Anonymous said...

Nice speech, Nikki, uber s'vet helfen vi a toiten bankess.
They hate us and will ignore logic.