Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Yitzchok Rubinof "Let Goldie Free" Already ...




Flatbush Shmerel said...

Oy! Now Heshy Tushler is joining the prutzah too? There are normal people needed, not prutzos who sound like the “Free Palestine” crowd instead of the Free Goldie crowd. And not a convicted felon crackpot who sounds like Peewee Herman or Tweety Bird!

Dusiznies said...

Flatbush Shmerel
As my mother a"h would always say "az men darft dem ganif, sneit men ehm oop fun dee teliyah" "When you need the thief, you cut him off the gallows."
"Normal people" don't care about others until it happens to them or to their own families. And that is the problem
Kudos to Flatbush Girl. G-d bless her!