Monday, June 10, 2024

Only in Israel! MK Miri Regev Takes Call From Her Mother While Speaking in the Knesset! Mother Asks "what Do You Want To Eat on Shabbat"


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Garnel Ironheart said...

A Yiddishe mame, how can you not answer the phone?
Years ago I was working an ER shift in my home town so I came in the night before and stayed with my parents, a"h. My mother asked me if I'd brought lunch for the shift and I explained that I didn't because it's non-stop for 8 hours without a lunch break so I brought lots of snacks. She didn't like that - one must each lunch, so she made me a little bagged lunch.
The next morning I left early to work and left the lunch behind because I wouldn't have time to eat it. Around 11 am, a nurse came up to me holding a familiar brown bag. "Your mom just stopped by, told us you forgot your lunch and to make sure you ate it."
A Yiddishe mame