Monday, June 17, 2024

Chasssidishe Lakewood Guy Tears Israeli Flag "I am a Jew I don't want My Children Seeing that" "I don't want to look outside my window and see that"

 The above video took place two months ago in Lakewood. The Flag was on a car, it wasn't being displayed on a house, chas ve'sholom, the car was parked across the street. 

The majority of the Jewish people now live in the Zionist State of Israel! 

The Israeli Flag not only represents the only Jewish State in the entire world but, like it or not, represents Judaism... that is an undeniable fact!  

As I said many times there isn't a Non-Jew in the entire world that would able to identify a flag from a country he doesn't live in or is familiar with, but show him the Israeli Flag and he will immediately tell you that this is the Jewish flag. You can talk yourself blue in the face trying to convince the Goy that the flag doesn't represent you, and the Goy will look at you and think you are a baldfaced liar! You can lecture him and explain that there are Jews who are not Zionists and oppose the State; you might as well try to explain to him on a sunny day, that it is night; you will have a better chance to convince him of that.

Did I mention that we are at war now? Did I mention that the majority of the Jewish people living in Israel have no other home? That they only have one passport, the Israeli one? I am not talking about hundreds, or even thousands, I am talking about millions of Israelis, whose only home is the Zionist State of Israel! 

Jewish husbands and children are dying to defend the State right now, leaving widows and orphans. Thousands have severe injuries that will impair them for the rest of their lives! 

Comes this Lakewood chassidishe well-fed "mamzer ben niddah" and rips off the Jewish Flag on a street where only Jews live and is offended by it! G-d forbid he should look out the window and see a flag that represents him and his family. He is afraid that his children will see the flag! Mind you, it's not in front of his home, or on an another home,  it's on a car that will be moved. 

But even if it was on a home across the street, he is in galuth, and he doesn't own the street! 

Readers, Am I missing something? Are we living in an alternate universe? Is this the chinuch that Yeshivois are embedding in their students? Look at his utter contempt and hate for a symbol, whether he likes it or not, represents the Jewish people! I have seen this very hate on pro-Hamas supporters while ripping down the Israeli flag! 

We are all alone עם לבדד יכון .... is it much to expect a frum Jew dressed visibly as a frum Jew to have some compassion for his brothers and sisters who reside in the crossfire of Iran who swore to wipe Israel off the map? 

Just like the flag represents the Jews, this vile creature represents chassidim! All chassidim!!

I have been sitting on this story for four weeks just to see if there would be any outrage! I waited to see if the Lakewood community would say one word against this piece of "tinuf!" It was first posted in the last week of April and garnished over 35,000 views! 

Not one word!! I am sure this mamzer, is well respected in his neighborhood and shul. I am also sure that many Fakewooders saw this video as it circulated in the chassidishe and frum social media, and probably laughed it off. 

And herein lies the problem. I am screaming and yelling on this blog, that frum people are totally disconnected from what is going on in Israel and in the world, and I'm including Torah leaders! 

Read any book about the Holocaust, pick any book, and you will see that Jews had this same disconnect in Europe as Jews were being shot to death and gassed!

When I say, pick "any book" I am not talking about Artscroll Holocaust Books, they are totally divorced from what actually happened. Those Artscroll talk about individuals not about the general situation that was happening all around them. 

This week is actually the 80th anniversary of the death of Hungarian Jews, who were deported on the first day of Shevuois to Tammuz. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered. Many of their leaders were in total denial as Hitler ym"s was moving close to Hungary, Romania and Czechoslovakia, many of these leaders, who themselves escaped, told them not to flee as Hitler ym"s would never get to Hungary! Of course, we cannot blame them as who would possibly know the enormous tragedy in advance. 

But we know now; we are on social media, and those who aren't, know from their local Torah Newspapers. 

We are in big trouble. Guys like the guy in the video is NOT bringing us closer to the Geulah!

Below is a Video where Hashem Burns the Guy that Burned the Israeli Flag!


Garnel Ironheart said...

It's an attitude. Zionism is evil, it's responsible for God being angry with the Jewish people, oh, and I'm a holy Chasid so I can damage other people's property because it's a mitzvah.

Sabra65 said...

should have beat the living shit out of that fat chasid.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he would have done that if his Rebbe said not to?

Garnel Ironheart said...

June 17, 2024 at 6:29 PM

Maybe the Rebbe said not to but he didn't really mean it, he just didn't want people knowing what he really though.

June 17, 2024 at 5:36 PM

Easy justification. Stealing and destroying others' property is forbidden but you've given yourself a heter. Beating you with a baseball bat is forbidden but I've given myself a heter.

Frum but normal said...

Good thing I wasn’t there to see is, if yes this filthy rabies infected sewer rat would have needed some serious dental work and face reconstruction surgery.
This filthy animal is most probably a product of that insane asylum called SATMAR CHINUCH

Frum but normal said...

Most probably this rats rebbe is one of the two Satmar Teitelbaum gangsters, who agree 100% with this gangsterism

Anonymous said...

The Israel flag from Community Synagogue in Monsey is stolen so often that they buy many flags at a time to immediately replace place the stolen one.The camera films the thieves. Sometimes they bring a child to teach them how to steal. Unfortunately you know them.May Hashem forgive them.

Anonymous said...

everybody has to relax and not judge other people for all you know he had a very hard day i'm not justifying what he did but we all have to mind our own business and not