Sunday, October 3, 2021

Mazel Tov! Netanyahu's son engaged


Avner Netanyahu, son of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has proposed to Noy Bar, his girlfriend in recent years.

Bar is a captain in the reserves and serves as the communications adviser to MK Amichai Chikli (Yamina).

Previously, Bar served as head of the information department in the Im Tirtzu movement. She holds a bachelor's degree in human resources from Bar Ilan University, and is studying for her master's degree in political communication and political science at the Hebrew University.

Avner Netanyahu attended a high school near the Hebrew University and won third place in the World Bible Quiz for Youth. He served in the IDF in an operational position in the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps. Last year he began studying history and archeology at the Hebrew University.

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The Many Saints of Agudah Fresserville said...

Agudah Fresser trivia.

Why did R' Samuel Kaminetzky's first posting in Los Angeles not work out that Lakewood reassigned him to Philly? Ami reported on Sukkos on the LA stint but didn't elaborate.