Tuesday, September 21, 2021

More Verbal Abuse on Frum Community as Netflix renews ‘My Unorthodox Life’ for second season


Netflix is bringing back “My Unorthodox Life,” the reality series about a formerly Orthodox fashion mogul and her family, the streaming giant announced Monday.

No details about the content of season two or any approximate release date were disclosed.

The series follows Julia Haart, who left the Orthodox community she grew up in in Monsey, New York, to become CEO of the Elite World Group fashion model agency.

Over the course of nine episodes, she and her four children wrestle with how to adapt their varying levels of Jewish practice in secular New York City society.

The show sparked a wide array of debates in different Jewish communities and drew some criticism for its portrayal of Orthodox communities as harshly restrictive.

"Before you judge the show, maybe you might want to watch the show?” Haart told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency after the series debuted in July. “Because they had the word ‘unorthodox’ in it, people have made a thousand assumptions without actually taking the time to listen to what I actually have to say.”


hi said...

When Julia’s son turns 18, how will she prevent him from running away to learn full time in Bnei Brak under his father’s expense?

She is a manipulative Communist. Her goyish boyfriend will probably dump her when she continues destroying his company

Anonymous said...

9:21 (aka hi) the answer is very simple MONEY.

This is what is taught in all the schools: MONEY, get as much of it as possible in any way you can and spend it all fast.

Anonymous said...

1:08, wow yeah, steal and spend it all fast into the secret coffers of the Hasidic political machines, a great and holy life, right Mr. Troll 9:21? lol