Sunday, September 19, 2021

Israeli singer Sarit Hadad comes out as gay


Sarit Hadad, one of the most popular singers in Israel, came out as a lesbian on Sunday, revealing her relationship with her partner of the past few years, Tamar Yahalomi, in a new music video, A Love Like Ours.

Hadad, 43, the mother of two young daughters, is considered a trailblazer, having made Mizrahi-style music mainstream in Israel. An icon of the genre, she has won the title of "Singer of the Year" four times and was crowned "Singer of the Decade" for the first decade of the 21st century.

Yahalomi is an Israeli singer-songwriter with many hits to her credit. She was discovered in 2011 in A Star is Born, the Israeli version of American Idol.


Anonymous said...

No doubt as long as she isn't a Satmar you are quite happy yo be her admirer.

Uriah’s Wife said...

There are quite a few identities that I would prefer to be classified with as long as I’m not identified as Satmar. Even a bag of potato chips.

Joe Magdeburger said...

I just love it. Sexuality as a fashion statement. Body types and hairstyles? It“s all fashion. I could not care less what's going on in your bedroom. I have my own. I still like Sarit Hadad's music