Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Positive Development In #FreeNechama Case As Family Sits Down With Rav


In a positive and encouraging development, the Wasserman family has committed to working with a new Rav to help facilitate a Get for Nechama.

According to the latest information , the family has made a serious commitment to work with Rabbi Landesman of Beis Din Tzedek Kollel Harabbonim in Monsey, NY, to do whatever they can to facilitate the Get.

As such, a gathering that had previously been scheduled for today has been suspended.

We applaud the Wasserman family for moving forward in a positive and helpful manner to help Free Nechama finally after 7 long years.

We owe it to the Wassermans to take a step back and give them space while they put in the important work that lies ahead.

We all anxiously await the results of this positive development.

Please join us in praying for a positive outcome!





Anonymous said...

Now that Nwchama finally left the non-bais-din and agreed to sit down with Rav Landesman the most experienced get person, Sha may have a shot for a get provided she and her family behave.
The protesters who wasted their time protesting with no spiritual benefit now can concentrate on real spiritual things and get some reward in olom habah (if they were religious in the first place).

Rav Landesman said...

Dovid and his Mother had been called to the Landesman Bais Din 4 years ago.. but Dovid HaRasha ignored the hazmana.. you liar...
The pressure actually worked ... and Pupa threatened to fire Rebbetzin Wasserman if she didn't go to Bais din...
twisting the facts doesn't change it

Anonymous said...

If the "rasha" chose another bais din he has no obligation to show to the wife's bais din (according to shulchan oruch - not the get terrorists).

If the reason the "rasha" gives a get is because the pressure applied by the get terrorists the get is no good - at the most very very questionable.

The terrorists have excuses for everything but the halacha remains constant. And the 'rasha' is not such a "rasha" especially if he follows halacha.

Maybe Nechama is the "Rashanteh" for supporting these terrorist to obtain a questionable get or a non-get???

Anonymous said...

The pressure actually worked ... and Pupa threatened to fire

These statements automatically put the potential get in question. Is the wife really religious? Will she agree to a safek GET like this? Given under pressure or duress?

Dusiznies said...

Enough with your deceptions and fabrications..

the "rasha" was summoned to the Landesman Bais Din Years ago and Dovid "the rasha" and his "katchka" mother ignored the the time and subsequently after when he received all other hazmanas ... he ignored them and never ever did the rashaim choose a Bais Din of their own..

and now Mr. Am Haaretz .... pressure can absolutely be applied and the get is valid 100%
as the Gemarrah states and so it is paskened in Shulchan Aruch and the Rambam paskens like that as well
"כופה אותו עד שאומר רוצה אני"

pressure to bring the rashiim to Bais Din is not pressure according to the Torah ...פרשת כי-תצא
"כי יהיה ריב בין אנשים, ונגשו אל- השופט"
see Rashi :" סופם להיות להיות נגשים אל המשפט"....the end result that they are forced to go to Bais Din

again... Pressure to get a Rasha who refuses to divorce his wife to Bais Din is 100% al pi Halacha..

Having said that... the Wasserman's are now in Bais Din on their own... if they got there because of the protests that's ok according to all poiskim..

Now for your disgusting comment and insinuations
"Is the wife really religious? Will she agree to a safek GET like this? Given under pressure or duress?"

Whether she is religious or not is none of your damn business .....
and he wants to remain married to her ... He wants to remain married to a women not religious?
What does that say about the Rasha?