Monday, April 26, 2021

Arabs Beating the Hell Out of Jerusalem Chareidim Yet the "Eida Ha'Chreidis" Prohibits Followers From Joining Protest


I have to laugh at this news report, well not so much at the News report but at the naive dummies leading the Eida Ha'chreidis!

Arabs are going around beating the crap out of the Chassidishe and Yeshivishe oilim, on a nightly basis... and so caring Jews got together to organise a protest against these Arab savages .....
So you ask .."what could possibly be wrong with that?

Oh... plenty..because the ones who organised the protests are to them, if you don't wear a silver bekeshe and dirty shoes, you are not part of the Jewish nation.....they are also frightened that their naive children who are leaving these extreme communities by the thousands, would meet other Jews who are frum and see that you can live a Torah life without being part of their non-tolerance community.

Oh... yes .. they will give hashgachas on Dati-Leumi manufactured foods ... yes yes yes ... to take money from them is 100% ok, but to mingle and recognise that Dati/Leumi guys come from the same ancestors ... that no! 
And what is really hysterical is they put out a poster against the protests in Arabic (see above) 
So what's "pshat" in that?
You see ... these Eida Ha'chareidie dummies think that once the Arabs see that the Chareidim are not behind the protests, they will stop beating the crap out of them...and the Arab savages will instead concentrate on beating up other Jews!........
The Eidie Ha'Chareidis learned from Mengele the idea of "selection"

This childish mentality comes from accursed Neturei Karta who believe that if they could only convince the Iranian mullas that they are also against the State of Israel and that they back the Jewish murderers of Iran who vow to wipe the State off the map...then when Iran drops an atomic bomb, chas ve'sholom, they will make sure to avoid Meah Shearim ..

These foolish dopes think that the Arabs only want the settlements, that they don't want Bnei Brak, and Meah Shearim ..

Chassidishe  and Litvishe Leaders pre-WW2 also thought, that if only Jews in the US would stop protesting Hitler ym"s and stop boycotting German products... then Hitler, Mengele and Eichmann would stop killing Jews!
We never learn! 

The Eidah HaChareidis published a letter on Friday against the nationalistic protests organized by Lehava, a Dati Leumi anti-assimilation organization, warning their followers not to join the protests under any circumstances.

On Motzei Shabbos, the Eidah, in an effort to calm the flaming tensions in the city, published the letter in Arabic to clarify that the protests were not “Chareidi.”

"With a trembling heart, we express our opposition and condemn the nationalists who tried to drag the Chareidi community into their protests and calls for revenge against Arab residents of Jerusalem,” the letter stated.

“By bringing their protests into Chareidi neighborhoods, they are putting the community at terrible risk. Who knows what can chalilah happen due to their irresponsible actions.”

“Oy to us from the Chillul Hashem if these provocations are thought to be connected to Yiryei Hashem and Shomrei Torah U’Mitzvos.”

“We call with all our heart for the calming of tensions and the quietening of the battle, of which the results cannot be imagined.  And we declare and say that Chareidi Jewry has no connection to these protests and riots. The Jews who are faithful to the Torah believe that we were exiled from our land through the gezeirah of Hashem and distanced from our land.”

“And we call to yeshivah bochurim, to the parents of talmidim, and those in chinuch: Please ensure that no bochur or child be found at these protests. Guard yourselves in ruchniyus and gashmiyus from the negative influence of nationalists who are not seeking your benefit…they are partners to the uprooting of das and the tearing of the Torah into pieces.”



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