Monday, April 19, 2021

Biden's Admin Policy on Immigrant Shelters Forced Migrant Children to Relieve Themselves in Plastic Bags.

 The Biden administration abruptly closed a shelter in Houston for unaccompanied migrant girls this weekend. ABC News reports there were multiple allegations, including girls being forced to spend most of their day on cots and having to use plastic bags to relieve themselves.

One can’t help but be reminded of a statement by Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki who was asked in February about something Former President Trump had said.

“We don’t take our advice or counsel from former President Trump on immigration policy”, Psaki said.

“We’re gonna chart our own path forward, and that includes treating children with humanity and respect….”

That seems to include forcing children to relieve themselves in plastic bags.

A White House spokesperson told ABC News that the site was closed because it “did not meet the Biden administration’s very high standard for child welfare.”

ABC reports: The National Association of Christian Churches (NACC), a Houston-based organization with its roots in disaster relief, was awarded a $4 million contract to operate the warehouse despite having no record of caring for unaccompanied migrants.

In a statement to ABC News on Sunday, Dean Hoover, a spokesperson for NACC, sought to redirect blame toward the Biden administration — who NACC claimed had control over the site after bringing in its own subcontractors.

“NACC officials were personally requested by HHS Secretary [Xavier] Becerra and President Biden to open the doors of their large Houston facility to refugee children on an emergency basis,” Hoover said. “It is deeply hurtful and unfair to the folks at NACC that anyone would now think of criticizing them when all they were trying to do is be good Samaritans and help the HHS help these children.”

In recent interviews with the Houston Chronicle, Jose Ortega, NACC’s founder and president, claimed that his organization had not sought out this work — but rather that Becerra had personally “begged” him to accept the contract and house the children.

“I’m a humble pastor that was thrown into this mess without asking for it,” Ortega told the newspaper. “We were not looking for a contract, we were not applying for a contract for us to make money — this was thrown on us.”

Ortega also pinned the deterioration of his group’s facility on the government’s failure to provide funds.




The Pisher Rebbe said...

What do you think that greedy anteh-Semitt Bezos forces Amazon drivers & warehouse employees to do? They are penalized for taking breaks & get fired if a few build up.

frum but normal said...

Actually our demented Alzheimer diseased TREASONOUS America hating old hair sniffing pervert President, he himself most probably relief's himself in adult diapers, therefore this sewer rat figures,there is nothing wrong with people relieving themselves in bags.

blondie said...

perfect description of the faker in the white house!! love it