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JStreet's "Confirmed" Speakers Are the Most Anti- Israel Group Ever on One Stage Since the Nuremberg Rallies

Joseph Goebbells At Nuremberg

Scan the people below. These are the featured speakers that JSTREET will have... not one is pro-israel and most are actually antagonistic.

And the  JStreet liars call themselves "Pro-Israel".... they are not fooling anyone ......Goebbells  would have loved to have them at his rallies.

Azzeh is a member of the PLO...enough said ...

She was rated as +2 by the Arab American Institute , indicating her pro-Arab ,pro-Palestinian voting record.She is a stanch supporter of Ilhan Omar 

He tweeted criticising Israel's vaccine policy, repeating the lie that Israel wasn't vaccinating Palestinains  but then removed it. He was endorsed by AOC and Bernie Sanders who have been openly critical of Israel.

He doesn't hide his hostility towards Israel and indicated that he would restrict Israel aid over annexation.
Repeated the lie that Israel isn't vaccinating Palestinians 

She refused to condemn BDS, is for a two-state solution , which even the Arabs don't want 

He ran against Lindsay Graham and was defeated, he is for BDS , supports the Iran Deal, and a two-state solution, also was against the US Embassy move to Jerusalem

He said that the ICC probe against Israel is "legitimate" ...enough said 

She is a self-hating Jew who is dating a Palestinian Arab.. see our post 

He finally under pressure backtracked his outrageous claim which he made on on live TV on CNBC  that Israel is "burning down Palestinian villages," he is a clueless Jew Hater. 

Kim stupedly questioned why Trump  had Soleimani, an Iranian murderer of thousands of innocent women and children, killed. He also signed a letter opposing  Trump's peace plan in the Middle East. He isn't one of the sharpest knives in the drawer.

She isn't even hiding that she is Anti-Israel and is a BDS backer and called for Israel to go back to the suicidal  1967 borders 

Knowing zero about the Middle East  this clueless Latino advocated for a two-state solution that even the Arabs don't want... ..
Instead of being busy with the sick political situations in Cuba and Venezuela, she is busy with the Jewish State.. I don't know if she is a "beast" but she is certainly no "beauty".  But  JStreet is featuring this political ignorant fool as a "confirmed" speaker.

Has advocated for a two-state solution that even the Arabs don't want... the Arabs are all for a one state being Arab.. This Jew in name only visited Shomron and while there blasted Israel ..something that no Israeli politician would do in the USA..

This naive useful idiot for JStreet supports the Iran deal, and supported UN's Goldstone report that falsely accused the Israel military of targeting civilians, charges that Goldstein himself who wrote it, admitted was inaccurate. 

She is the leader of the Dying Labor Party, the Labor Party are the wonderful folks that gave us the suicidal Oslo calamity, and she promises Israelis a "feminist paradise" whatever that means. Oh did I mention that she is for a two-State solution. All of Israel including the far leftist media are still wondering how she got a seat.

This beauty supports the Iran deal, a two-state solution, and was against the US Embassy move to Jerusalem, a move that was overwhelmingly supported by both parties. In 2019 he voted against Strengthening America's Middle East Security Act which, strengthened Israel's security and allowed a state or local government to adopt measures to divest its assets from entities that boycott Israel.

She was endorsed by AOC and Bernie Sanders .. which tells you everything you would want to know about her but know that she is one of the most vocal anti-Israel Democrats in Congress and repeated the lie that Israelis weren't vaccinating Palestinians. 
On her website she has 12 points which has demands on Israel but has only one for the Palestinians. She opposes making BDS illegal in the USA... and was against the Embassy move to Jerusalem. She claims that her husband is Jewish so that gives her the license to bash them.

He is a fancy Arab lawyer but don't get fooled by this smooth talker as he heads the Joint Arab List that vows in its charter the destruction of Israel, but Left-wing American Jews adore him, regardless, even though he also hates the USA..... But JStreet believes he would be a great speaker at their "pro-Israel" convention.

Was Prime Minister and resigned in 2009 in disgrace after being indicted and then convicted over corruption, he sat in jail, he is for giving back most of Israel even land that the Arabs are not claiming. Instead of crawling under a rock he writes a column in The Jerusalem Post every single week that only bashes Israel.

Claims he supports Israel, but is all for the Iran deal, that gives and gave the Iranian murderers money even though they vowed countless times to wipe Israel off the map. They also stage rallies with thousands of people chanting "Death to America, Death to Israel." He is for a two-state solution and loves matzo ball soup.

The Nazis would have loved him in their cabinet and the minute he would have become useless to them, they would have fed him alive to the fiery furnaces of the Concentration Camps, since he is Jewish,  but don't let his Jewishness fool you as he hates everything about it and hates the State of Israel, married a shiksa, honeymooned in Soviet Communist Russia and all his children are goyim.

She is not only ugly as sin, she a vicious Israel hater and advised the Student BDS movement at UCI, she supports Israel's enemies in Congress and on Campus; she cannot be trusted  but she will speak at the "pro-Israel" JStreet Convention.

Warnock is not only anti-Israel, but is anti white, he claimed that Israel is deliberately polluting the water in Gaza making it undrinkable in an effort to kill Palestinian children. This past Easter Sunday he even mocked Christian theology regarding the resurrection of Jesus.

She is all for a two-state solution and calls for Israel to give up the West Bank where over a half million Jews currently live... she isn't  asking anyone in the entire world to give up their homes except for Israelis ..she was nicknamed Pocohantos by Trump because of her lying claim that she had Native American blood... she, who is whiter than white, benefited financially from that claim in many ways ... she is not only a liar and a thief.. she is also an annoying "klafta"

This lunatic said the Trump's Jerusalem decision to move  US embassy was " provocative and counterproductive"... which turned out to be one of the most stupidest comments ever uttered in the halls of congress.



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