Thursday, April 29, 2021

Hisachdus Ha'Ganavim of the USA Plan Huge Protest in New York Against the "Light Rail"


This is the most absurd crazed protest ...they are against the building of the "light rail" near Meah Shearim...they claim that this will bring "preezis" to their community..

You know what? Too bad.....

This "rakevet kal" the "light rail" is a blessing ...and guess what .. they use it the most since they don't own cars .... 

These are crazed mishgayim... and the Torah in this week's parsha warned us against these dopes...

At the end of the parsha, the Torah relates a very strange incident 

ויצא בן-איש ישראלית וכו' וינצו במחנה ויקוב בן-איש הישאלית את השם

"The son of a Jewish lady went out and argued with someone in the camp and then cursed the Name of Hashem"

The Midrash asks.. since it says that "he went out.. " so from where did he come out from?'

The Yalkut Shimonie gives many answers... I found one very interesting and "nogia" to our story ...

רבי ברכיה אמר, מפרשה של מעלה יצא, 

Reb Brachye says: "He came from the situation mentioned previously in the parsha..the parsha of the "lechem ha'panim"

So what happened at the Lechem Hapanim...?

The Torah says that 12 loaves of bread were baked and placed on the table, and it remained there the entire week.. from Shabbas to Shabbas

So this guy got upset and asked "how is it possible to treat the Kings of Kings this way ... instead of offering Hashem fresh hot loaves of bread we instead offer Him moldy-week old bread? As this argument escalated, he cursed Hashem רח"ל

Question: What was he so upset about? The Torah itself instructs Klal Yisrael to leave the lechem ha'panim on the table for the entire week? And how was it that a guy that was "holier than the pope" so to speak, a guy that was so concerned about "kvoid shamayim" could turn so fast to curse his Creator in a matter of minutes?

The Yalkut Yehuda, explains, that this story isn't at all strange, and comes as no surprise.

This "ben Yisraelit" was an extremist...and when an individual lends himself to this character trait to be an extremist, he can change sides very easily..

One day he could be fighting for "Kvod Shmayim" even be more protective of Hashem than the Torah itself.. and in the very same day he can turn 180º to G-d forbid curse Hashem רח"ל

The Rambam writes that a person should choose the "middle" way..

Recently, those of you, "lomdei daf yoime" learned in Mesachtas Pesachim 110a,

 "מלך פורץ גדר לעשות לו דרך ואין מוחין בידו"

"for a king may break through fences surrounding another's property to make a path for himself and no one may protest against him"

We here in Israel are making paths for Melech Hamoshiach, since very soon millions will be using this very "light rail" to travel to the newly built Bais Hamikdash....

The Hisachdus Ha'Ganavim don't have to use the Light Rail, they can use the "chamorim" which they have plenty of..




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Frum but normal said...

This has nothing to with so called PRITZUHS, these filthy JEW HATING SATMAR KAPO”s, are just using this as an excuse to besmirch our God given EretzYisroel.

These SEWER RATS together with the two filthy Jew hating gangster brothers Aron and ZalmenTeitelBum, have a pathological and irrational hatred to our land of Israel.
Don’t have a doubt , had these two sewer rats lived 75 years ago during the war, they would have been the chief KAPOS, helping the Nazis exterminate their own brothers and sisters.