Monday, January 25, 2021

Who Pressured The "Jewish Link" to Remove an Article that Exposed Legislation That Pushes LGBT Laws Down Our Throats


The Jewish Link published an article by Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter (below) that warned frum voters of two pending "anti-moral bills"  that would mandate LGBT abominations into our School Curriculums. 

 Guess what? ... The Jewish Link caved to pressure from Pro LGBT groups and removed the article ....  
"freedom of speech" when it comes to saving our children goes out the window. 
DIN has received info that Yocheved & Nathan Lindenbaum that recently hosted a "Thursday Happy Hour" on  "Eshel" an organisation that promotes and supports acts of abomination between consenting adults, may be  behind the censure ...

In fact one of the authors of a letter attacking Leiter's article against LGBT propaganda in the kindergartens, was none other than the Lindenbaums of Teaneck, New Jersey 
When DIN contacted the Jewish Link, they did not deny that the Lindenbaums were the ones pressuring them.

Not too long ago people would be embarrassed discussing their sexual desires and perversions and would keep it in the closet ... no they have taken over the media and fought to allow six foot guys, who wake up in the morning wanting to be a girl, to enter bathrooms of little girls and compete in sports with girls... 

the Lindenbaums have  a lot of time on their hands and because they are "Proud of their gay grandchild, Yitzy" they now want to force their sick agenda on the rest of us and on innocent naive children in schools, beginning in kindergarten
.. and I guess the best way to do this is shut down any opposing opinions.
It's one thing for grandparents to be proud of their grandchildren's accomplishments and aspirations and it's a total other thing to boast about their grandchild's sexual perversions, and reveal it to the entire world. 

Before the state Senate and Assembly meet on January 7 and 11, please urge all three of your state legislators (800-792-8630/ to help kill two anti-moral bills—which both threaten to pass if we don’t speak out. One, A4454/S2781, aims to propagandize the LGBT lifestyle—to kindergarteners and up in the public schools. The other, S2545, seeks the transgenderization/homosexualization of the state’s long-term healthcare facilities. (For more details see

Tell them: We refuse to vote in the upcoming elections for those who exploit children, no matter how much government largesse they offer.

The “education” bill (A4454) seeks to escalate the existing mandate to teach LGBT indoctrination in New Jersey public schools.

By teaching children to respect, “welcome” and “include” even flagrant practitioners of LGBT acts, the schools themselves erode the natural revulsion for such transgressions, and even cultivate admiration for them, all under the fraudulent pretext of “education.” We’re not talking about extending compassion to those struggling with their Evil Inclination. This is the government forcing schools to indoctrinate children to “welcome” and “include” those who brazenly flaunt abominable conduct.

Clearly, to teach children such immoral ideas and attitudes is reprehensible, even if it would never affect a single Jew. More specifically, sodomy, which all of these bills seek to legitimize, is a capital crime (VaYikra 20:13, Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings, Ch.9:6). In fact, that sin is specifically branded an “abomination” (VaYikra (Lev.) 18:22) within the enumerated forbidden relationships in VaYikra 18, all of which are categorized as “abominations”; it’s “an abomination among abominations,” as the renowned sage known as “the Maharal,” (Prague, 1520-1609) explains on the Gemara Chullin 92b.

Some secular Jews are prominent among the proponents of this and related legislation. We must clarify our unwavering, Torah-based opposition to anything remotely similar to these bills—and the extreme sins they seek to legitimize under the rubric of teaching respect.

As leading rabbis have publicly articulated since 1982, Jews are responsible for the counter-moral actions of their legislators, particularly those for whom they vote, especially due to the public chillul Hashem involved. We must not convey the terrible misimpression that Orthodox Jews care more about financial needs than spiritual threats.

Consider how many Jewish children within the New Jersey public school system, including Orthodox ones—especially those in special education classes—are being forcibly indoctrinated into respecting flagrant homosexual advocates, in direct contradiction to the Torah and what many of them were raised with. Further, allowing this nonsense to be taught in public schools will ultimately facilitate the push to teach it in yeshivas and Bais Yaakov schools.

In a war for the very souls of our children, we need to understand that the LGBT activist agenda is fundamentally not only anti-child and anti-parent, but anti-God.

Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter



Stand for something, lest you fall for anything said...

Bravo Rabbi Leiter!

Shame on the Lindenbaums and the Jewish Link!

Gay Aveck said...

"Missing Link" has always been eager to kiss up to the Woke Open Orthodox crowd by championing their abhorrent fads. It's a money decision. They figure the Modern Ortho Left couldn't care less & that the Right Wing is too intimidated to protest.

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised ? I said this was going to happen if the DemoNazis come to power. This is only the beginning.... they've been emboldened... they're coming for the classrooms, synagogues , churches and places of employment.... The misery YiddleDreck who voted DevilRats are partly responsible.. The MO & even heimishe rabbis who kissed Hillary/Obama tuchesses and openly supported this fascist regime are the dregs.. Take for example , Rabbi Blau from YU who's also involved with Zionist organization. Loved Obama, hated Trump even though he did so much for Israel.. Blau betrayed his Zionism... lied about Trump.. endorsed an evil party.. How does he still have his job ? I understand he's a grandson of Rabbi Teitz.. How did this happen ?
Or how about the Audah rabbi who kissed the Devil ticket and attacked the Jew for Trump rally in NY on that great Sunday?
When are we going to throw these bums out ?!?!
the Derby , en route

Anonymous said...

..And I'm holding Blau and his ilk for this vaccine crisis in NY. I'm in a vulnerable group and can't get my vaccine because the Democrat murderers Cuomo & DiBlasio are corrupt.. Trump predicted correctly that the vaccine would be available in December and would order the military to deliver them.
Now you dreck helped throw him out. The government is dragging the process.. People are dying... Blau , you piece of Shytt... You & your gangster bunch
Voted for these criminals and murderers. You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You Jewish Biden voters... You !!!!!!

the Derby

YU - Torah Madua said...

The senior Blau of gay panel infamy is actually son in law of alter Slabodker Horav Pinchos Teitz.

In those days it was difficult for alter Europeyisher rabbonim to land son in laws who were even shomer Shabbos. Look at poor R' Moshe Feinstein who ended up with a bloviating hypocrite loser like Dokter Rabbiner Moses Tendler.

Anonymous said...

Not my grandson, my son.
Read the letter I wrote.
It was in no way about pressuring the Jewish Link
Yocheved Lindenbaum