Monday, January 25, 2021

Gérer Chassidim Learned from the Nazis How To Cut Peyos Off Their Opponents





Anonymous said...

Didn't Chabadskers do that decades ago to a Satmar guy during the infamous Crown Hts-Willy war?

There was also a crazy divorced woman who was unhappy with the custody arrangement for the kid who shows up one day at Bertram's egg division in Willy & starts pummeling her ex, a Litvisher. A Chassidishe guy steps up to defend the ex - she pounces at him & rips one of his langa payos out of it's socket! She was arrested. Before the get, even while they were still living together, she was bragging about seeking out adulterous affairs to get back at her husband who she claimed stank vee a chazir from work. She brought the strange men to the dira where the ex captured the action on tape to give to beis din & court. She also entered into a lengthy adulterous affair with the shady Israeli owner of a pizza place on Nostrand. Gornish had serious doubts the guy was shomer Shabbos but took his money to certify anyway. There were all kinds of scandals with that place which forced closure. He later reopened on Ave M.

Dusiznies said...

No you got your story wrong ...
It wasn't "Chabadskers" cutting off peyes of a Satmar guy
A Satmar guy became a Chabadsker ... so the Satmar guys kidnapped him and cut his peyes off just like Nazis...
The driver of that car that kidnapped the guy was Weberman who is rotting in jail for raping girls ..before he was sentenced, he ran to the Ohel to ask forgiveness but forgot to ask forgiveness to the poor chap he did it to..

Borscht Borscht Borscht said...

@ Nostrand pizza restaurant

The Israeli had a shutef, also Israeli, who boasted to everyone "you know, I was a big chef".

Whatever, because the slop he made might not have been up to standard in a Bangladesh army barracks!

The place suddenly just didn't open one morning. The 1st Israeli said the "chef" was embezzling from him. Never mind that for a while until then they were paying pennies on on the dollar for rotting cheese & other spoiled food. It was hard to believe when he advertised years later for his new place on Ave M near Moisha's Supermarket, he reminded everyone he was the shvantz on Nostrand. That's all I needed to know to avoid the place like the plague!

Anonymous said...

A lot of people got food poisoned or sick from the rotting dreck on Nostrand. And that noyefes-zoyna was hanging out there, trying to flirt with other guys when she wasn't exchanging winks with the bum behind the counter. What a terrible hashpoah. It was hard to believe her zayde was the alter Kletzker, Rav Pasternack, who had a had a shul by Cortelyou & East 2nd, or maybe 3rd. He was nebich turning in his grave.