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"Corona Hotels Are Destroying Chareidie Hashkafa" ... Israeli Yeted Nèman

As you all know and hear that the RBS"O sent this deadly virus so that we could reflect on our way of life and maybe try to improve our Middos and Torah Hashkafois and to learn that Hashem controls the world and that we have absolutely no power or say about a way it's comforting to know that ..

But the virus unfortunately brought out the worst in us ...

And I'll give you an example ....

In Israel the government ruled that all Yeshivah Boys that are in dormitories would first have to go  to one of the "Corona Hotels" to quarantine for two weeks.. 

So Chareidie Boys, Chassidishe Boys and "Mizrachi (Dati)" Boys were all quarantined in the same hotels......

An amazing thing happened .....

Sit tight guys because you are going to freak out when you hear what happened ....

Chareidie and Chassidishe boys found the Dati contingent in Bais Medrish were all  learning all day  with geshmak... 

They learned that they had been fed lies about the Dati way of life ... they learned that their Roshei Yeshivas and Chassidishe Rebbes were a bunch of liars ... they learned that their parents fooled them into thinking that Mizrachists are all "bar hopping" and all are "club goers" ....

Boy... did their eyes open up when they realised themselves and saw with their very own eyes that while they were hanging out smoking and schmoozing in the hallways, their counterparts... the "Dati Mizrachists" were all in Bais Medrish "shteiging away"

So when the Chareidim came out of quarantine and went home for Shabbos and related to their parents what they witnessed ....the parents threw a Sh__ fit.... but didn't know what to do...

To make matters worse, the Chareidie and Chassidishe boys began to write to the press about what they saw and went to the Chareidie radio station to actually talk and allowed themselves to be interviewed... they flooded all weekly newsletters ..and hundreds of letters were published this weekend ..

Here is just one example of one of the letters..this one was sent to "Matzav Ruach" a weekly Dati newsletter ..

Loose translation:

The night of the 4th of Shvat, תשפ"א in the 
Corona Hotel, Dan Panarama, Yerushalyim
To my brothers, children of my nation, and all faithful peaceful Jews who find themselves anywhere in Eretz Yisrael.

I am ashamed and embarrassed. (that I witnessed) Yeshiva Bochrim, some from the finest respected Yeshivos, waking up and coming late to minyan, to Bais Medrish, and to shiurim and behaving like children running out of school.

In contrast, I saw the "mizrachistics" involved in Torah learning from morning till midnight in deep Torah discussions and pilpul.

I met boys from those we call "Chardalim" .... I saw how these "mizrachistim" that we were taught to mock and to disparage,  that they were the ones that filled the desolate Bais Medrish ... learning and debating the ideas of R' Shimon Skop, R' Chaim Brisker...learning the Kzos Ha'choishin the Nesivois hamishpat ... building ideas and slowly anaylizing them just like us
We sat together learning Bava Metzia, R' Chaim Kemiiseh, heilach... and were "shteigen away...

The surprise is humongous!
We found brothers that we never knew existed. Great and dear Brothers who care only about Torah and to make the Name of Hashem great... 
all this without our (chassidishe and yeshivishe) garb, without our "pure hashkafah" and after all this ...they find time to join the army and then return to their Torah studies.

I am now confused and depressed. Is this spiritual "shmad?"

Boys that sit and learn from morning till night, who are stringent in all areas of Halacha ... .... are these the boys that our rabbis are afraid of?

How is it that I grew up being thought that there is only one way to be a ben Torah?

Suddenly, we learn that that there are other ways of being a ben Torah, no less than us ... only in different dress.
How was this hidden from us?
We were told that the "mizrachistin" with kipa seruga and strange sandals don't know how to learn...
We were told that their way is not how to grow in Torah... that they care only about Eretz Yisrael..and that we are only the ones that care about Torah! 
The lied to us ... the facts are different!
I found new brothers .. yes their hashkafa maybe different than mine..but all us really care about Shem Shamayim and to make the Name of Hashem great..and that is really what's important"
Signed ע"ה
one of boys here in Yerushlayim in the Corona Hotel

Now for the punch line....

The Chareide press could no longer ignore this as the press was widely reporting this and showing live videos of Dati Boys learning together with Chareidim... 

Chareidie boys were identifying themselves on radio with relentless stories of how they were duped .... and so

They freaked out and started to write against this .... worrying that if  this would get any more publicity the whole entire world would  see that they are all liars, fakes and frauds... 

Just wondering  ...Why is it that the "Dati" world isn't afraid of the Chassidishe and Yeshivisheh hashkafah? HMMMMMMM??

Well below is the response from the Israeli Yated!

Loose Translation:

"In reference to the Corona Hotels, it became clear to us that there is a lot of spiritual  obstacles there... specifically those hotels designated for Yeshivah Boys.

The atmosphere over there is not fitting for Bnei Torah that looking to grow in Torah and Fear of G-d.

All this is separate from the negative spiritual influences over there...(and this is not the place to discuss at length) especially to the elementary school children ....

These hotels are spiritually dangerous! "

So "this is not the place to discuss at length" .... so where and when is the place to discuss this?

I know... and I'm not a fly on their wall.... the time to discuss this is when all the Charedie leaders can get together to ban "Corona Hotels" before this dreadful secret gets out! ...

Mizrachistin and Yeshivishe Boys Together in Dining Room 

The genie is out of the bottle and there is no way to get it back in folks! 




Anonymous said...

Rav Pam once quoted a Midrash: If the Shephard hates his flockk, he designates a blind sheep as its leader.
These Chareidi leaders, Litoim ve Chassidim, are just a sign from heaven that we lost our way.
That a Yanky Kanievski has the power to make a joke of Klal Yisroel, is proof enough that we are led by low-lives down the path to destruction.
If this reminds you of the failure of our leaders in the Holocaust, you are not alone thinking along these lines.

ash said...

Can you post more letters like this? One is not a hundred.

Uriah’s Wife said...

“Corona Hotels Are Destroying Chareidie Hashkafa" ... Israeli Yeted Nèman

Let’s hope they succeed!

Dusiznies said...