Monday, November 30, 2020

Obama's Book is a Perfect Gift to Americans Who Believe that America was Never Great Only the Writer Himself is Great.


You would think that after two books about himself, Barack Obama would be finished with his story, but no, there was more, 760 pages about himself in “A Promised Land.”

A title like that you’d expect from Theodor Herzl, since that term…promised land…has always meant a particular place, specifically Israel, and Obama will never be mistaken for a Zionist.

For that it’s back to Herzl, who announced his vision and advocacy through the book, “The Jewish State.”

It was originally a pamphlet, and runs 96 pages. That was all Herzl needed to kick off a campaign, a summons to Go Forth, that led to the creation of Israel, and it succeeded because it was a story about a people, rather than a self-serving autobiography about a singular man…in which his writing on Israel, by the way, Obama gets nearly everything maliciously wrong.

The book is a perfect gift to Americans who believe that America was never good, exceptional, or great. Only the writer himself, Obama, is great.

What you get in Obama’s latest door-stopper is a love story. Obama loves Obama. He will tell you about it in print, or through audio, a read, I am told, that runs 28 hours.

That’s like watching a man comb his hair for 28 hours. If music comes with the oratory, perhaps Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.”



Pity the editor who was in no position to tell a former president, and a man still so full of himself, “But, sir, is there anywhere we can cut?”

“Your job.”

So no cuts, apparently. So maybe it’s in there who he really is. We still don’t know.

Not sure how he appeared out of nowhere except for a talent to ingratiate himself from one step up the ladder to another. He knew how to work people. He knew how to hobnob the swells. He knew how to make up stories for the lack of substance or pedigree. He’d be their diversity gem for cocktail hour.

Columbia U can’t or won’t produce any of his grades or papers. The media never asked, never bothered, never cared. They had their man. O come let us adore him.

(Of Michelle Obama’s illiterate university papers, someone quipped, “We don’t know what language this is.”)

When Muhammed Ali proclaimed, “I am the greatest,” he said it with a wink and a smile. Obama isn’t joking.

You can be sure that the boys and girls in the media lap up every word of Obama’s opus. Their reviews are already in and the frenzy of adjectives keeps piling up. Naturally, for them, and him, the Nobel Prize for Literature is next, and as deserving as the Nobel he got for Peace, all for showing up with nothing to show.

For eight years they deified him, and the worship starts all over again now that he is back with a bang. His book is number one. So, in terms of the Swamp, he is number one.

Obama…his narcissism now so blatant…never liked being upstaged, even by Biden, and so now we understand, more fully, why he resented and detested Donald Trump so terribly much.

Trump removed him from the spotlight, a development utterly intolerable for a man who feeds off adulation…and dines off the applause from a Jimmy Kimmel Late Night audience. There he cracked that the Navy Seals may have to be called into action to remove President Trump from the White House. The big-eyed grin when he said that masked a mile of catty bitterness.

So much for a “gracious” transfer of power…and behold how he glorifies himself now that he’s making the rounds for his book and back in the saddle, politically.

Would it, then, come as a surprise to find that all along it was Obama who was behind all the Dirty Tricks against Trump? Not Strzok. Not Schiff. Not Comey.

Obama gave the order.

Obama refused to step aside, and thanks to Michael Goodwin, we learn that Obama and his wife have signed up with Netflix for Specials intended to further slam President Trump.

The man knows how to keep a grudge.

On his last hours in office he socked it to Prime Minister Netanyahu when he, Obama, refused to block UN Resolution 2334, which, on December, 2016, named Israeli "settlements", even East Jerusalem, illegal. A US to Israel stab in the back no one saw coming, even from an administration seldom on the best of terms with the Jewish State.

Months earlier, March, 2015, Netanyahu had addressed the US Congress and there spelled out his dismay at the Obama Administration’s (misbegotten) Iran Deal, which he labelled bad for America, bad for Israel, bad for the world…even worse for Obama, apparently, who took it as a personal jab, for which he’d one day get even, and did, at UN Res. 2334.

The security of our two nations be damned, so long as Obama got his comeuppance. That’s one for the books, though likely not his book.

As for me, I’m picking up a copy, of Herzl’s “The Jewish State.” Thanks for calling it to my attention, Mr. Obama.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva



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