Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Guy Tears the Palestinian Flag Away From Meah Shearim Animals and Draws His gun When they try To Retrieve It


Every Rosh Chodosh, a group of Meah Shearim rats march down the streets of Yerushalayim and carry Palestinian flags shouting their allegiance to Abbas ..

Well they didn't count on an outraged pedestrian, who ripped the flag from one of these rodents... and when the rat ran after him to grab it back, they guy calmly drew his gun  ...
that stopped the rat in his tracks ... and it turned into a scared mouse.
But then chaos erupted.. as many got involved and began to remove the flat "beeber" hats from them and threw the hats in oncoming traffic... 
police broke it up and the guy with the gun disappeared ..



Anonymous said...

These morons are only showing what morons they are. Not doing themselves any favors.

Sabra65 said...

any one who calls another jew a nazi, should have his payos and beard cut off. Absolutely despicable.

Lock and load said...

Should have sent at least one of those rabies infected sewer rats to hell where they belong

Lock and load said...

To Anonymous 11.33 am
No they are not morons,they are filthy disgusting treasonous murderous SEWER RATS,who need to be dealt with exactly as you would with rabies infected rats

Upgelernt fun Albany said...

“We Can’t Feed Everyone Every Day”

Amnesty International tells the Associated Press that authorities in Belgium abandoned 1000s of elderly people to die in nursing homes in the pandemic following an investigation into a series of inadequacies described as human rights violations.

One of the hardest-hit countries in Europe, Belgium has 531,000+ virus cases & 14,000+ deaths. During the 1st wave last spring, the country of 11.5 million recorded a majority of its COVID deaths in care homes.

Until Oct, Amnesty says a staggering 61.3% of all COVID deaths took place in care homes. The group said authorities didn’t implement measures to protect care home residents, hence failing to protect their human rights

Amnesty said one reason so many people died in homes is because residents infected by the deadly virus weren’t transferred to hospitals for treatment

“Our investigation allows us to affirm that care home residents were abandoned by authorities until this tragedy was publicly exposed” said Philippe Hensmans, director of Amnesty Belgium

Belgium was unprepared & faced with a critical shortage of PPE. As infections surged, care homes were quickly overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of contamination as municipal authorities even requested support of the Belgian Army to tackle the worrying situation

Belgium had one of the highest death rates worldwide during the 1st wave. But while nursing home staff were overwhelmed, hospitals weathered the crisis as its ICUs never reached capacity. Vincent Fredericq, the general secretary of care homes federation Femarbel, told Amnesty many residents in need of medical assistance were left behind

“Everyone was struck by the images of Italian & Spanish hospitals. These had great impact on our federal decision-makers, who said from the outset it's absolutely necessary to avoid overloading ICUs. Nursing homes were relegated to 2nd class & residents are the victims”

Amnesty based its investigation on testimony from care home residents, staff, NGOs, nursing home directors & families of the elderly

Doctors Without Borders said only 57% of seriously ill in care homes were transferred to hospitals due to “harmful interpretation of 'sorting' guidelines”

The prime minister’s office didn’t respond to request for comment from The AP

More than half of care providers quizzed in the investigation said they didn’t receive training to use PPE & weren’t informed about the virus. Amnesty said systematic testing of employees wasn’t introduced before Aug, even then with only 1 test a month

“Every time a care worker came in my room to help me wash, I was afraid. I wondered if COVID's coming in with her” nursing home resident Henriette told Amnesty

“It's very difficult for my husband to eat alone. As time went by, he lost weight” the resident's wife said. “When I asked staff about it, a care worker told me: ’We can’t feed everyone every day”