Thursday, November 19, 2020

Germany the Country That Annihilated 3/4 of the Jewish People Censures Israel

Dumb M'ASS with Abbas 

Maas didn’t spell out what unilateral measures he was concerned about. But on Monday, his office criticized Israel’s public call for tenders to build settlements in eastern Jerusalem.

By Associated Press

Germany’s foreign minister warned Tuesday against unilateral steps that could hurt Mideast peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians following the change in administration in the United States.

President Donald Trump has strongly backed Israel during his four-year term, declaring Jerusalem the Jewish state’s capital, tolerating Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories and pushing Arab countries to normalize relations with Israel.

“Creating facts unilaterally won’t help us in this already difficult situation,” Germany’s top diplomat, Heiko Maas, told reporters after meeting with his Palestinian counterpart in Berlin. “But no doors should be slammed shut either, in view of developments in the United States.”

Maas didn’t spell out what unilateral measures he was concerned about. But on Monday, his office criticized Israel’s public call for tenders to build settlements in eastern Jerusalem as a “step that sends the wrong signal at the wrong time.”

Maas noted that U.S. president-elect Joe Biden agrees with Germany’s position that a negotiated two-state solution should be the basis for peace talks between the parties.

The Palestinian foreign minister, Riyad al-Maliki, said he sees in Biden’s election “a window of opportunity, and we want to take advantage of that window of opportunity in order really just to open a new page.”

Al-Maliki added that “we suffered tremendously, as Palestine, from Trump’s policies.”




Achtung Schiesser said...

Let him keep spouting his Bavarische Dreck.

His administration has let 2 to 3 million of the sleeper cell terrorists & other sand monkeys waltz right in to the Fatherland. Already their maydelach can't take 2 steps outside without being molested or worse. It's just a matter of time until Germany goes under from what the Arabs couldn't accomplish 1400 years ago at the gates of Vienna.

Wow are they dense. Maas's boss was even caught on hot mic asking the Meshumod Kapo Zuckerberg to censor Fartbook comments criticizing her surrender of Germany to the Arabs.

yidlmitnfidl said...

Europe is a basket case which faces many problems, Muslim infiltration and importaed terror not being the least of them.
Still, harping on Israel's plan to build apparments for its citizens seems to be on the forefront of Germany's most pressing agendas. This viciousness repeats itself in history.
When Germany was facing defeat in WW2, rather then putting all their effort into winning the war, they diverted much need trains from the war front in order to bring our brothers to the gas chambers.
This demontrates Esav's past and present viciousness at its worst.

Brisker said...

According to the Halacha leMoshe miSinai, Amalek shel Esav is it's own category that's much worse than stam Esav. The Vilna Gaon, R' Yaakov Emden & R' Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld identified Germany as Amalek.

Early Achronim who dabbled in Nistar discuss Chmielnitzki's horde ymach shmom in Tach veTat. They didn't davka know it yet, but were barvorning the Cossacken were on par with & sometimes exceeding the savagery of the Nazis. The explanation they provide is the Slavs come from Amalek's brother Utz. This would also come to later explain the Czars & why in the lagers there were guards who stooped lower than the Germans, from Poland, Ukraine, White Russia, Lita & Latvia