Monday, November 30, 2020

Mom shares her simple trick for hiding ice cream from her family - and she's been praised by thousands for her 'genius' idea


A mother has been praised by thousands after she shared her simple trick for hiding ice cream from her children.

The Australian woman called Lisa posted on Facebook, where she revealed her 'secret hiding spot' for the ice cream is within old empty bags of frozen peas, potatoes and sugar snap peas.

'Kids are in bed, ice cream time, who else has a secret hiding spot?' Lisa wrote on Facebook.

These [ice cream tubs] only last a week, I've had these for four weeks now, and the kids still haven't found them.'

It wasn't long before her post was met with praise from thousands of others, who labelled her idea 'genius' and 'absolute gold'.

'This is so brilliant, I do it with my chocolate but didn't even think to do it with my ice cream,' one woman wrote.

'I could use this hack for my husband in the same way!' another added.

 Jules Sebasian

Many said they are guilty of hiding certain foods from their children, with some saying they hide chocolate and lollies inside the vegetable crisper as well as other sweet foods in the top drawer of their bedside table.

Mom-of-two Jules Sebastian has previously admitted to hiding vegetables from her two kids inside dishes they love like spaghetti bolognese: 

'I'm a big fan of hiding vegetables,' she told FEMAIL.

'Even on Monday night, I whizzed together all of this carrot, broccoli and onion and hid it in a spaghetti bolognese.

'They all hoovered it up without even realising there might be something they didn't like.'  

Jules also said she makes sure to give the two boys smoothies - which they love - but instead of just putting fruit in them, she also packs them full of veggies and milk, too.

'I'll throw an avocado in there and try to make the process of eating healthily as fun as possible,' she said.

She will involve the boys in the kitchen and keep feeding them something they think they don't like until they start eating it.

'Keep putting something they like on a plate and eventually they will eat it,' she said.

She added that being healthy is about more than a good diet and making sure the boys run around outside.

'Yes, I like to make sure they have all the major food groups ticked off in their lunchboxes, but I think good health is also about limited screen time, happiness and good sleep.' 



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