Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Rabbi Moshe Lichtenstein's Choice For President

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Drexel Politburo said...

The Agudah's boy in Israel who writes for the American Yated. His grandfather was already a famous Agudanik.

Though he's not completely soulless when downplaying the virus like some other Fressers, he still uses talking points that will make your head shake.

In Fresserese there is no such thing as high infection rates being real. It's either a Tzioni or Anti-Semitic conspiracy to inflate rates against us or an accidental fluke vos meint gornisht. The bottom line is that Fressers can never be guilty no matter what, even if they're at 90% infected through gross negligence & then spread it to outsiders.

Then he seizes on Bibi's phony bluster of raising fines for violations to bash Bibi as attacking Charedim. He knowns darn well Bibi is all talk & letting virtually every violator off the hook. Yaakovson knows he's lying & he knows that we know that he's lying. But he lies anyway. This exact sickness of lying to turn everything inside out on the virus was started by Kaminetzky & has since become a staple of Agudah Fresser announcements.

My Take On The News
By Tzvi Yaakovson - Oct 28, 2020

Fines for Charedim Only

When I say things are beginning to calm down, I mean the entire country's no longer in the throes of despondence. That doesn't mean, however, we're ready to dance with joy. We still see 25 deaths a day & it's quite saddening. Even though most fatalities were elderly or suffered pre-existing conditions, and some officially listed as died from corona even though it wasn’t exactly the case, and even if we consider 100s of elderly die from flu & other illnesses every year, it doesn't change the fact the virus is still here. Covid still causes pain, death & orphans. On the other hand, there's progress. Bnei Brak lost red status to become yellow & Beit Shemesh went yellow to green. Those developments at least, give us reason to rejoice.

Morbidity is also declining with fewer deaths every day, fewer cases of virus & the rate of new infections is decreasing. Today, there are 17,000 active patients, fewer than 1,000 hospitalized & fewer than 200 new cases. This is a slowdown compared to a month ago. Of course, we're thankful for it. On a global level, things aren't as encouraging. This week, 500,000 new cases of Covid were diagnosed in the world in a single day. That's fearsome.

But I must comment on declining infections in Israel. Weeks ago, when reports emerged about a spike in the Charedi community, I pointed out infections weren’t necessarily rising; it was possible there were simply more tests being conducted & therefore more detected. Had Charedim not been tested en masse, I suggested Charedim might not have become pariahs, viewed as responsible for spreading the disease.

This past Motzoei Shabbos, Prime Minister Netanyahu held his 1st press conference in a long time. As usual, he boasted of his accomplishments both on the diplomatic front & in the battle against the virus. Netanyahu revealed he's raising fines on yeshivas operating in violation of the law to a hefty 25,000 NIS ($7,500). I have no doubt this is a measure aimed at Charedim.

Anonymous said...

So character, morals , grabbing pussy etc dont count.

We should base our vote on the quality of the laugh of the canidate.

How brown is your tongue these days?

Anonymous said...

Can u smell the hydroxy while you are up there, or r you blinded by the (UV) light?

Dusiznies said...

We are not fooled by your disingenuous comment..
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Anonymous said...

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"....So character, morals , grabbing pussy etc dont count...."

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"....Can u smell the hydroxy ……

So you dismiss hundreds of doctors all over the world treating thousands of patients successfully with hydroxy ..

".....We should base our vote on the quality of the laugh of the canidate……

Only when the deranged laugh is accompanied by call to continue rioting, calling for dismissal of bail, and releasing violent felons in my neighborhood, and the crazy laugher whored her way up the ladder... ? Know what I mean? Speaking of pussies...!!!

".....How brown is your tongue these days?...."

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