Thursday, October 29, 2020

Former Belzer Chassidim Kumzitz




Emes will prevail said...

Lechtigeh neshumas chap zich tzirik.

Governor Spineless said...

Cuomo caved in! Can you believe it?

Move over Phil Murphy who gets on your knees to kiss Agudah shoes - you've got company!

Both father & son Cuomo, since the 1980s, have always caved until now to anything KJ ever demanded because of their vote bloc (which keeps growing by leaps & bounds).

But this time was supposed to be different because A there is a public health emergency and B because the current Cuomo mouthed off publicly several times like a tough guy that he's putting his foot down & not allowing any loopholes to undermine the gantze zach. And he warned the fake "child care" loophole is the biggest fake loophole he's closing!

And he caved in Monsey too! So why the crackdown in Brooklyn? Is it because most of the big mouths who publicly insulted him live there?

News 12 Staff
Oct 29, 2020, 6:21pm

Gov. Andrew Cuomo eased COVID-19 cluster restrictions Wednesday in Orange County after he says progress was made, but there is still a degree of tension in the community (from angry goyim getting the shaft).

Three weeks ago, the cluster had a reported a 12% positivity rate. That has dropped to 2% along with the number of hospitalizations flattening out. (Cuomo knows that Satmar played all kinds of underhanded shtick to artificially manipulate the percentage down. Even at 2% he is not keeping his word that he said any red zone cannot open schools again until they are less than 1%)

The red zone became orange – (BUT STILL):

Schools remain closed as students learn remotely.

However, County Executive Steve Neuhaus says predominantly Orthodox Jewish private schools in Palm Tree are open because the governor has agreed to deem them "child care services."

That has created tension with other (not Jewish) schools nearby (who are forced to close while Satmar gets special treatment b'oyfan choitay nischar).

"I'd like to see a universal policy that impacts everybody & not penalize one group over the other,” County Executive Neuhaus says.

The red zone in Rockland County also showed improvement but is remaining red for now.

(Cuomo the two faced coward is all talk in Monsey too! All kinds of Chassidishe yeshivos operating. The kids are brought most of the way by Mexican taxis & walk the rest of the way)

Berel said...

Watching their body language you can tell these guys feel uncomfortable with their current lifestyles. They also keep looking at each other for reassurance.

P.S. You don't have to tell me that you think I'm in denial or have some other ulterior motive for making this observation. I already know

Anonymous said...

Where is this from?