Monday, October 26, 2020



This is a first for DIN, to endorse a candidate and it didn't come easy ..

I know that a lot of our followers were waiting with bated breath to see who we would endorse, especially since Biden's VP the "laughing camel" is married to a Jew whose children call her "Mama,"and thought that maybe DIN would consider that as an important point in our difficult decision.

The fact that Trump backed out of the murderous Iran Deal, and recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel, and not only recognized Yerushalyim as the capital of Israel but moved the US embassy there, and made peace between Israel and 4 Arab countries that did not in any way influence our decision to endorse Trump..we, just like the liberal leftist Jews, do not think that is a reason that he remain president ... 

The fact that Trump engineered the largest economic recovery with the lowest unemployment rates, and created over 7 million jobs, and kept all his promises in 3 and 1/2 years, that  did not mean a damn thing to us ....

So what made us move towards Trump? After all, according to Camel Harris, Trump murdered over 200 million Americans with the Covid-19 virus ...

The clincher for us was when Trump called Dr. Fauci "an idiot."That is what we are looking for in a president ... guts! and calling a"spade a spade"



Ma Rabbi said...

All the frum people support President Trump.
Its the secular Jews who support Biden.

Touro Vodaas said...

Did YTV pick the wrong Lichtenstein to fill Belsky's shoes?

Sheesh! As if Democrats are paradigms of morality ...

Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein, head of Yeshivat Har Etzion in in the West Bank, questioned Trump’s mental & moral fitness, in an interview with Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon.

“This is a mentally disturbed person without any inhibition or judgement who controls the button of the most powerful nuclear weapons in the world & here people applaud him for opening an embassy in Jerusalem,” Lichtenstein said.

“They don’t stop for a moment to think about the moral damage that he inflicts on the United States & on the world. They don’t ask how it’s possible to abandon the fate of humanity to such an unbalanced man, who doesn’t recognize the concepts of truth & falsehood,” he said.

“All of this will harm us, even if there’s an embassy in Jerusalem,” he added.

Lichstenstein is somewhat influential among religious Zionists in Israel & has a large following of American alumni in the US. He is also grandson of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, who led New York’s Yeshiva University for decades as leading spiritual authority of American Modern Orthodoxy in the last century.

In the interview, Lichstenstein also spoke out against Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has widespread support among religious Israelis, saying he had focused too much on foreign policy & security at the expense of domestic issues, suggesting he may have been improperly influenced by Trump.

“Partly it's connected to what’s happening in the US, where norms are trampled,” Lichtenstein said. “It’s possible Netanyahu feels Trump legitimizes behaviors, like screaming at representatives of the media.”

Dusiznies said...

Touro Vodaas
Both Moshe and his brother Yitzchok the Rosh Yeshivah of Torah Vodaath are rabid anti-Zionists .... and even though Moshe masquerades as the spokesman of the Dati segment of Zionist Jews he is by in large in step with the Neturei Karta .... a few years ago when Dati Zionists paskened that in Israel one must pray and even fast for rain, he wrote a dissenting opinion; mocked and ridiculed the majority opinion saying that in an age of "sprinklers" ..praying for rain is stupid... totally ignoring the fact that if it doesn't rain in Israel, the forests become fodder for forest fires endangering most of Israel ...the real reason he was against praying for rain had nothing to do with the psak itself but who was behind the psak which was the Chief Rabbinate ....who he despises ...