Sunday, August 26, 2018

Yeshivah Bochur Stabbed by His Friend ..... in Modiin Illit

I don't think it was over a Tosfois! 
 Frummies, afraid that people will compare the Yeshivah boys to Arabs, are saying that the stabber was Meshugah .... I don't buy it!
A talmid of Yeshivas Knesset HaGedolah in Modi’in Illit was stabbed on Sunday by a friend, apparently the result of a heated argument. The incident occurred at the entrance to the yeshiva . According to a Magen David Adom report, the victim was in serious condition when transported to Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv. Police have apprehended the stabber, who fled the scene.
Eyewitness report the two were arguing and the atmosphere escalated to the physical attack. The attacker fled, but police did not take long until they were able to apprehend him and take him into custody.

Rabbi Yitzchak Zeev Zacks, the Rosh Yeshivah is declaring a public fast tomorrow for the Yeshivah bochrum ... 

Please be mispallel; for Yedidya Ben Michal. 
In an update, there has been an improvement in the condition of the victim...
Last week a 25-year-old chareidi male sustained moderate injuries as a result of a machlokes with another person.

It starts with violent protests, and this is the result .....
Modiin Illit is a hotbed for fanatical bochrim!

 Latere in the day A frum reporter, Akiva Weiss  reporting in front of the Yeshivah was attacked and beaten  by the boys of this yeshivah ...and his phone forcibly taken and broken.. 
Time to draft these guys in the Army ..
Akiva Weiss Reporter Beaten By Yeshivah Boys 

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