Thursday, August 9, 2018

Yeshivah Student Sexually Assaults Girl on the Light Rail in Yerusahalyim

I guess he was upset that the Israeli Police No longer use Pretty Police Girls to arrest the demonstrators,  so he thought he would get his thrills by sexually abusing a girl outright!

lOn Wednesday night, police were called to the light rail station in central Jerusalem by a young woman who reported that a young man with a Yeshivash appearance  was traveling by the light rail and attacked her.
A policeman who was not on duty noticed the distress of the young woman, and immediately detained the suspect and prevented him from  getting away. A short time later, additional police officers were summoned to arrest him.
Today the suspect will be brought before the court in the police's request to extend his detention. The investigation continues in an attempt to locate additional victims.
The Israel Police said: "The police give top priority tand a prompt response to any suspicion of offenses committed against any person, which may cause severe mental suffering to the victim

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