Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Kol Hadash Group promotes "Humanistic Judaism" a Judaism "without God"

There is nothing really new overall with this group; we had the Haskala movement, the Yiddishistin etc, and they all died out and assimilated, and no one knows who they are today, but this is different in one very important aspect because these guys want Judaism, they want Shabbos and Yomim Tovim, except they want G-D out of this!

“Religion is just a piece of [Jewish] culture, so when you remove religion from it, intermarriage is not a negative at all, because being multicultural is a positive value,” said Golin, whose wife is Japanese.

Paul Golin, is the New York-based executive director of Society for Humanistic Judaism, which they claim has 28 communities in North America.

This mashiginar who calls himself Golin said:
"“Humanistic Judaism sees the value in continuing holidays and rituals, those that provide meaning, we still find meaning in the High Holidays, reassessing your life each year, but it does not require you to say a bunch of stuff to a God you don’t believe in. It’s about human life right here.”

Kol Hadash, the Northern California Community for Humanistic Judaism, has scheduled  "talks" on August 25 featuring this Golin character and he will be joined by a bunch of atheists,  Jim Barnett (Bay Area Humanists), Mashariki Lawson-Cook (Black Humanists and Non-Believers of Sacramento) and "Rabbi" Judith Seid (Tri-Valley Cultural Jews, a secular congregation in Pleasanton)!

Alana Shindler, a Kol Hadash member, who booked the panelists, said, that two of them are from non-Jewish communities, in part because sometimes Humanistic Jews have “concerns” about their own movement. Also, she added, “We are interested in growing, and we can certainly learn from other humanist communities as they can learn from us.”

HANNAH JANNOL writing for The Jewish News of Northern California wrote that Golin told her that Humanistic Judaism keeps the  “good parts of religion while throwing out the parts that we can’t abide by,” Golin added that he did not attend High Holiday services for 25 years after his bar mitzvah.


cyrano said...

Golin and his wife practice "Jew-jitsu" which in their view combine the best elements of Judaism and Shinto.

Rudy Jewliani said...

This Golin ferd teamed up with Mueller & demanded a sit down with the President but we bashmecked he was up to no good.

Monsey said...

Child molester David "Skip" Storch was sentenced to 7 years prison yesterday with the judge calling him a coward.

Someone complained in the comments when he was first arrested that the story doesn't belong here as Skip is not fun unzerra

Is that so?

Here he is on his way into Court

Tze shtinkt said...

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

" a Judaism "without God" "

Better to have God without Judaism.

Fresser Developer said...

We were hoping to keep this quiet but Mid-Hudson News spilled the beans that molester Storch was Town of Ramapo's Recreation Director.

We hope no one connects him to our genayvos with St Lawrence!