Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Who Vandalized Matzivah of R' Shmuel Weider, the Late Editor of Der Blatt In KJ Cemetery At Yurzeit of Satmar Rebbe ??

A Twitter account operated by operatives of the Satmar Kiryas Yoel Kehila, tweeted that the incident was a “Hate Crime” and that the NY State Police are investigating the incident. 
The Twitter account only tweeted photos of one damaged Matzieva – that of R’ Shmuel Weider Z”L, who was an editor at The Blatt Newspaper, controlled by the Satmar Kiryas Joel faction.
It was unknown who is buried at the second Matzeiva that was damaged.



everyone in that IHR HANIDACHAS knows it was done by the Zalonie gangsters,and why would it surprise anyone,both of them the Aronies and the Zalonies are nothing but Jew hating and Israel hating kapo gangsters

Yoielie Trumpboim said...

Wasn't it you (given your abhorrence for everyone and everything Satmar)?