Sunday, June 3, 2018

Watch Arabs under-fives dressed as heavily-armed jihadis as they storm an Israeli building with mock assault rifles at Gaza nursery school graduation

Today, Satmar will be hosting a anti-Jewish event in the Nassau Colosseum, that will be attended by thousands of Rumanian Ledeigeirs! Satmar leaders will be barking Nazi-like slogans to incite the masses against the Jews living in Israel. 

Like the Nazi, Joseph Goebels, Reich Minister of Propaganda, Satmar speakers will repeat the lies that the State of Israel drafts Yeshivah students. 

Watch the video above and see little Arab friends of the Satmar Chassidus and friends of  Reform Jews stage a mock murder of a Jewish soldier. 

Just last week Reform Rabbis said kaddish for the Gazans...
and in this weeks Der Yid, and Der Blatt, Satmar Yiddish weeklies, in their editorials, chastised the Jewish State for defending themselves against the Gazan intrusion into Israel!

I would love to see what Satmar would do, if thousands of Goyim would decide to invade Monroe and claim that they lived there before the Satmars and now want to take back their land.... I would like to see how that would go over.

Disturbing footage has emerged of children at nursery school in Gaza dressing up as jihadis and storming an Israeli building.

The children, who are no older than five-years-old, are seen carrying fake rifles, handguns and gas masks.

The young children then take a child dressed in Orthodox Jewish clothing hostage, before pretending to kill an Israeli soldier during the performance at the Al-Hoda nursery.

Their end-of-term production also includes smoke going off in a cardboard building as the young boys children carry out an invasion, placing a sign down which read 'Israel has fallen' in Hebrew and Arabic on the back of a soldier. 

The soldier is then 'shot' as they leave the stage with the 'hostage' over the shoulder of the children - all while proud parents film the event on their phones.

An address by the dead Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yasser Arafat
Footage from the ceremony, held on May 13, was made available by the Middle East Media Research Institute. 

The footage was posted on the pre-school's YouTube account and included Hebrew lyrics threatening Israelis with missiles and terror attacks. They also mock Israeli soldier Oron Shaul, whose body has been held by Hamas since 2014. 

Omar Fora, the head of the nursery association and a leader of the Islamic Jihad, delivered an address, and Islamic cleric Taher Al-Lulu attacked Saudi Arabia for 'standing behind Israel and America'.

Sheikh Khadr Habib, an Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, delivered a speech during the ceremony, and said that the children send a 'message of love' to the world and that their message to the Israelis is: 'We are not terrorists, don't force us to kill you.' 

Last year the children performed a similar mock attack against Israeli forces for their end of term play. 
And in 2016, children demonstrated the planting of anti-tank mines, the killing and kidnapping of enemy soldiers and the launching of mortars.

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