Friday, June 22, 2018

Costco is selling an avocado that won't spoil before you make guac

Avocados are notorious for spoiling almost immediately after you buy them, and there's nothing more disappointing than cutting into one just to find a shell full of mush. Thankfully it's 2018 and, while we still don't have flying cars, scientists in California have gifted us with avocados that stay ripe for twice as long - and shoppers can find them right at Costco.
Prior to hitting store shelves, each avocado — sold by the Del Rey Avocado Company and treated by Apeel Sciences — is sprayed with a special solution made from fats found in the skins and peels of fruits and vegetables, such as apples and raspberries. This natural substance helps trap moisture inside the fruit and keep it from oxidizing until you cut into it.

Regular avocados stay fresh for three to four days on the shelf and seven to 10 days in the fridge. This new variety reportedly lasts twice as long. Most importantly, they don't come with a hefty price tag. One five-count bag only costs $5 at Costco! Guacamole for days!
Apeel has tested its product on tons of different fruits and vegetables, but decided to roll out avocados first, because, "People have a more visceral reaction to throwing away an avocado than lettuce," CEO James Rogers told BuzzFeed News. The company is hoping their invention will promote more sustainable growing practices, better quality of food, and less food waste.

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