Friday, June 1, 2018

Satmars Continue the Legacy of the Meraglim

Satmar get their "mesorah" directly from their ancestors, ...... the Meraglim! 

Ironically they scheduled their anti-Jewish event on the very same week, that Jews throughout the world will read about the Satmar legacy in the Torah, the tragic story of the Meraglim, on Parshas Shlach! 

Its been 3,500 thousand years when some "Holy" Jews, bad mouthed the land that the Ribono Shel Olom gifted to his children,  deciding that  it was better to stay in Chutz Le'aaretz and wait for Mashiach in the dessert!  

Because of that incident Hashem instituted a fast for the ages called Tisha Be'ov! 
There arose in modern history another group, descendants from the Eirav Rav who also deny that Hashem wants us in Israel and instead want the State of Israel to be the 23rd Arab State in the middle east.

This Meraglim Event will be in the Nassau Coliseum. They will also rent hundreds of buses..
This will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.... 
Who's paying for this?? Who?

Satmar and its followers have become museum relics. 

Today, most Jewish children are born in EY/Israel, and almost half of all Jews live there. What may or may not have been true 100 or 80 years ago is totally irrelevant today. Herzel has been dead for 114 years and Ben Gurion has been dead for 45 years, yet THEIR legacy lives on.

The fact that Satmar is still fighting these battles, while the rest of the religious Jewish world has moved on, makes Satmar look stupid, at best, or, at worst, merely pathetic.


concerned said...

As with the first group of Meraglim these ingrates really have nothing to complain about...

ויבכו העם בלילה ההוא", אמר הקב"ה: " אתם בכיתם בכיה של חינם וכו׳

anonymous said...

"WHO'S" paying for this (learn how to write English)

concerned said...

It is important to point out that this "Asifas Emunah" (sic)
is about nothing BUT against Eretz Yisroel and not about the make-believe issue of "The Draft"...

Because this is being organized by the "Aronim" faction... And Aron was the one that publicly declared "The draft" issue as baloney!!

In other words,don't let anyone try to defend is plain Meraglim!!!!

frum but normal said...

DIN,how can you compare the MERAGLIM to these vicious Satmar Jew hating antisemetic Romanian gypsie murderous KAPO bastards, the MERAGLIM,yes they bad mouthed the land of Israel but let's not forget there were no Jews at that time in Israel,it was only the land and it's Canananite inhabitants they bad mouthed and it was done with well intentions as they wanted to save their own lives fearing that they won't be able to succesfuly conquer the land,
but now what we have is over 6,500,000 of our brothers and sisters living in Eretz Yisroel,almost half of Jews in the world reside now in our holy land surounded by hundreds of millions of murderous deadly Muslim enemies who vow to oblitirate the state and murder every last man woman and child.

but now 15,000 of these Satmar vermin maggots and swines are getting together in Nassau Coliseum to declare to the world that Jews have no right to our holy land and they agree with our murderous enemies that Israel belongs to the Palestinian bloody murderrers,these filthy jew hating swines with those two gangster Teitet-Bum brothers are nothing but Nazi KAPO swines,
I have no doubt in my mind that these bastards in the world to come will find themselves togethet with Hitler,Stalin,Arafat and Haman

jancsibacsi said...

Lets not forget that to justify their existance theese misfit. satmerers need to hate it is their lifegiving force hate is what makes them tik