Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Lubavitcher Rebbe's plan to beat terror

There is a popular joke about a man standing trial for the murder of his own parents. After he is unequivocally proven guilty, the judge turns to him and asks: “Do you have anything to say in your defense?” The defendant replies, unhesitatingly: “Yes. I beg the court to show leniency due to my unfortunate situation. I was recently tragically orphaned of both my father and mother...”

Today, regrettably, this is no longer a joke, but a fact of life. We are constantly being bombarded by claims that Israel is “stuck” in the current political situation. That our inability to quash the murderous wave of terror now sweeping our streets leaves us no option but to return to the bargaining table

In other words – to surrender, to retreat, and to offer our enemies ever more gifts, beyond the capitulation and weakness we have already shown by freezing settlement construction, evicting Jews from their homes, and more.
The absurdity of the situation screams out to heaven; for it is the Israeli governments that created the current situation – by promoting the warped idea that by “giving up a little here, giving up a little there, we will gain a little peace and quiet.”
We ourselves have convinced the Palestinian Arabs that they can defeat us with their rocks and knives and guns.

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We ourselves have given them weaponry, money and power, self-identify and a seditious media.

We ourselves have granted the Arab citizens of Israel the “equal right” to identify themselves as Palestinians and to teach their children to seek the destruction of Israel, all the while enjoying “affirmative action,” and other benefits, while we foot the bill.

We ourselves have convinced America and Europe that the Palestinian Arabs are a “peaceful and enlightened nation,” who deserve their own country, rather than showing them the sad truth – that they are one anti-Semitic entity. And now, we announce:“There is nothing to do! We have to stop ruling over them. And don’t forget about for the demographic threat!” – and all the other empty slogans we have been hearing for thirty years.

And all the while, those clever pundits, with their dangerous slogans, shoot back at us: “Nu, so what is your solution? 

Should we just leave this awful situation the way it is, with innocent Jewish blood being spilled day after day by those murderers, while our security forces stand helpless?”

G-d forbid! The Torah forbids us to say: “That’s how it is,” or (as we hear from some of those in the media and Israeli security forces) “We have to learn to live with it.”  

There is an authentic Jewish answer. Maimonides writes, at the beginning of the Laws of Public Fasts, “It is a positive Torah commandment to cry out and sound trumpets over every misfortune that threatens the community... this is one of the paths of repentance – that when misfortune strikes, and the people cry out [to G-d] and sound trumpets, everyone will realize that these tragedies occur on account of their misdeeds. This [repentance] will bring an end to the misfortune. However, should the people not cry out [to G-d], or sound the trumpets, but rather, claim that ‘what happened to us is simply a natural phenomenon, and this misfortune is a mere chance occurrence,’ then he is being cruel...”

If a person says: “Sorry, there is nothing to do. There will always be one ‘wave of terror’ or another,” or offers some version of Maimonides words: “this misfortune is a mere chance occurrence” – he is, in the eyes of the Torah, being “cruel” and heartless.

For over four months, Jewish blood has been spilled in our streets on a daily basis. Men, women and children have been attacked and killed in our shops, our homes and in all places. 

We must think deeply about the situation and fight against it with all our strength.

We don’t have to be anthropologists or intelligence agents to find an answer.

 It’s enough to listen to every terrorist who has been caught, every Palestinian protester, and even the Arab members of parliament. The Israelis are scared, they have lost faith in themselves and no longer believe that the land on which they live was given to the Patriarchs Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov – that Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, actually belongs to them. 

Proof? They have already folded up their tents and retreated from large tracts of Eretz Yisrael, and they plan on doing so even more. All we have to do is keep exerting pressure, keep striking them, killing and wounding them, frightening them and causing them to despair. For the more pressure they feel, the more they will give up and give in – until (as the Jewish Code of Law writes) “the land will be easy to conquer.”

This is just one of the ways the Palestinian Arabs rationalize their actions and at times, it’s the actual motivation inspiring a terrorist who kills Jews with rock or knife, gun or missile. 

The Oslo Agreement, the Hevron Agreement, freeing prisoners, political negotiations, the “ranch,” the disengagement, the construction freeze, and the goal of “two states for two peoples” – all of these are deeply etched in the consciousness of every single Arab who wants to feel part of the historic victory over the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. This is more than simply a “tail wind” to terror; it is both the fuel and the gas pedal that drive it.

As much as forty years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke precisely about our current situation. Even his own hassidim didn’t always understand what he was so adamant about and wondered at his heartfelt cries because things didn’t look so grim back then. 

Today, however, everyone realizes that the Rebbe simply saw everything. And that by merely reading the well-known laws in the Shulchan Aruch (OC 329), he foresaw the pain that is now being etched into our very flesh. He cried out as though he beheld, with his own eyes, the knife plunged into the heart of an innocent Jew merely walking down the street.

The Rebbe said explicitly, in his famous talk with Rabbi Elimelech Naimon. “I see with my own eyes the danger hovering over all who dwell in Zion, in Jerusalem, in Ein Harod, and in Tel Aviv, by handing over parts of Eretz Yisrael to the goyim. Therefore, I will in no way change my mind about this.”

The Rebbe foresaw how even the mere suggestion – not an official declaration – of withdrawal and concession in the face of pressure and terrorism would lead to more terrorism, more suicide attacks, and more innocent blood being spilled. 

In thirty years of terrorism, have we ever seen the residents of an Arab town evicted? 

In the midst of various confrontations, have we ever seen the general Arab public suffer from the violence or terrorist attacks that they themselves initiated? 


Yet, we have seen dozens of Jewish settlements cruelly dismantled, synagogues demolished, and Israeli soldiers retreating under fire. 

What does the Palestinian Arab stand to lose with his wars and his cruelty? After all, he continues to receive our aid (or from the rest of the world, through us), as well as electricity, money, weapons, and more. It is a win-win situation, and they stand only to benefit further, by increasing their attacks.
This brings us to an even a more difficult question: everyone has seen where the Oslo agreements and the disengagement brought us – Palestinian incitement, the tunnels that continue to be dug from Gaza, the monstrous increase in the strength of our enemies, and the Jewish blood that is being spilled like water. 

Has any of the architects of Oslo and the disengagement ever been brought to trial? Have we ever heard a word of regret from any of them? Have they ever shared some soul-searching with the public? 

Just the opposite is the case. They continue crying out “We are orphans! The situation is unbearable! There’s no way out but to concede!”

The time has come to stop living with these lies and to start living with the truth. 

There is only one way to stop this cycle of blood and it is to uproot the main incentive and goal of all the terrorism and bloodshed.

 It requires those who formulated the Oslo Accords and the disengagement who continue to work in key positions in the Israeli government, to stand up before the entire world and declare: “We are guilty, we have acted wrongly... this whole long road of negotiating and concessions has been one awful mistake from the offset. We take responsibility for all the innocent blood that has been spilled due to our egregiousness. 

Henceforth, the entire Land of Israel will remain under Israeli control, unconditionally, and in spite of 
There is only one way to stop this cycle of blood and it is to uproot the main incentive and goal of all the terrorism and bloodshed.
anything the rest of the world has to say. This is not up for negotiation.”

It is clear that neither the right-wing government nor the slogans of a “war against terror” will actually stop the murder and incitement. 

Only a clear and historic pronouncement that the period of negotiations has ended, the false equation of “land for peace” will no longer be tolerated, there will never be a Palestinian state and the Oslo Agreement and everything it implies is thoroughly annulled.

One of the ways to accomplish this, according to the Rebbe, is to publicize, by every means possible, the psak din (halakhic decision) of the great Rabbis of Israel, that any negotiations concerning the handing over territories are a threat to the Jewish people (as the Shulchan Aruch states, OC 329), and forbidden.

Today, even the blind can see just how true this is – to our great misfortune. Each and every one of us must publicize this psak din and to do all that is in his or her power – for the sake of our lives, the lives of our children, and the lives of all Jews who live in the Holy Land.

Our lives depend on it, and with G-d’s help, we will be victorious.

Rabbi Joseph Gerlitzky
The writer is the Rabbi of Central Tel Aviv and Chairman of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace.


shvantz said...

What was the plan when 1980s Satmar terrorists were ripping out berd?

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what CHAZAL had in mind when they coined the phrase "CHACHAM ADIF MENAVI" the Lubavitcher Rebbe z'l,saw clearly 40 years ago what will happen if we start giving back land to these murderous terrorist swines.

RABBOISAI,let's contrast this holy Lubavitcher Rebbe z"l to these so called Rebbe's of Satmar,these two Jew hating and Israel hating KAPO GANGSTERS aron and zalmen yemach shemom, who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in public relations to send out the message to the whole world that Jews don'd have the right to our land and the state of Israel is illegitimate and belongs to the murderous Arabs.

Echter yid said...

I would like to comment over here a story what has nothing to do with this story about lubavitcher rebbe,,but because the (.n.y.p.d.) came out today with a very very clear picture from the suspect who tried last week to lure a Jewish ,14,year old girl and kidnap her in flatbush Brooklyn?, so I would like to tell my story of today? I met up with a friend of mine in Williamsburg Brooklyn ,a frum frum hiemisha chasidisha man from Williamsburg Brooklyn, he admitted to me that he is a pornography addict, not only that? but because of his addiction, he is mechalel Shabbat normally every Friday night and Shabbat afternoon he will go up on his computer and watch pornography and masturbate in front of his computer, when he is watching pornography, rabosie watch your children you can never no who your next door neighbor is,? Let him wear (shemonah begudim?) Let him wear every single Jewish clothing ? Let him look like the holiest of the holiest,? Educate your children about the dangers of your own streets? the dangers of your own neighbor? Education is the best medication, its terrible to see that the suspect in last weeks story in flatbush Brooklyn was a, frum jew,? Please educate your children about strangers ? Its not a joke,? Educate them not to talk to strangers,? And if someone tries to harm them educate them that they should start screaming to scare away their predator,? Don't trust your children with nobody,? Unfortunately not even with a family member,? Your own family member could be a pornography addict,? Its not a joke anymore,? Please everyone wake up? We have a problem? Our children aren't safe anymore in our own Jewish communities,? Pedophiles are running after them,? Please after this story we must get a wake-up call ? Talk to your children about safety,? Don't be afraid to educate them ?

Anonymous said...

Echter Yid

are trying to imitate this sex maniac and deviate Nuchesh Rosenberg,who has been vomited out and put into CHEREM by KLALL YISROEL
I have a very strong suspicion that this so called friend you have spoken to,is non other than yourself,why are you so obssesed with sexual matters ? every post of yours is busy with molestation and sex,the answer must be,that just like your REBBE and hero Nuchem (nuchesh) Rosenberg you yourself are sexual deviates and maniacs,please take yourself and Nuchem and check yourself into the nearest psychiatric ward for the criminally insane

Yidel Warter said...

Read what  Yidel Warter  writes about the  Amoire Shmuel  who formulated his successful campaign against early Christians and devised a slogan that said "" (EIN BEIN ….)

The following is the Satmer Rebbes opinion why Advocating Herzl’s plan to establish a Jewish government without Mesiach is in violation with 2 of the 13 principles of the Jewish Religion    A) Hashem punishes,    B). Waiting for Meshiach,

1) It is important to remember that Jewish Sovereignty over Eretz Yisroel is CONDITIONAL !!!!

2) At the Covenant of Hashem with our Father Abraham it was agreed that the  punishment for violating the Jewish faith, would be Exile/Gules,

3) Hashem told us thru our NeVeim that the redemption of the Jewish people will be by  Mesihach.

4) The Amoira Shmuel the biggest Poisek in his Generation indicates with using the term EIN BEIN: That Hashems decree on us to WAIT for Meshiach, is meant for Mesihachs EXCLUSIVE ACT to Restore A Jewish  Sovereignty and to reestablish a Jewish Government ,
""All other attributes to Meshiach can be disputed or advanced by Others in alliance with Meshiach.  ""

5) The Rambam brings down LeHalucha the words of Shmuel as impartial: “Umri Chacumim” and states that   whoever does not WAIT for Meshiach (as described by Shmuel) is an Apikoires.

6) The ReShab Writes a warning for our days: "That even if the Herzl plan would achieve their  goal, we must not listen to them in this matter "to make our redemption with our own power."

7) So any one who is ONLY in the OPINION that Meshiachs JOB may be achieved without him, is JUST  Not Waiting for Him and is an Apikoires,
and The punishment for contemplating the Herzl plan is pre warned,

To illustrate the above, envision yourself with the following Mushel:

You see a group of people waiting at a bus stop, it is assumed that these people are waiting for a bus to arrive and to take them to a certain  destination,

A taxi drives by, and yells out:  hop into my taxi  ,You people are waiting for noting, no bus will arrive and the bus shelter will collapse on your head, hop into my taxi,

First group of Non Waiters

A few people pass by and say we have been waiting at another stop, and the bus broke down in front of our nose so we started to walk, join us You people are waiting for noting, no bus will arrive and someone might ram their car into you ,

Second group of Non Waiters

Another group of people come by and say: Come help to push the broken bus

Third group of Non Waiters

A few cyclists drives by, his Device blaring: we want the bus now we don't want to wait
Fourth group of Non Waiters

A horse and buggy passes by and yells out, I am a professional mechanic, if the bus will ever be fixed you won’t  be able to afford the fare, hop unto my buggy,

Fifth group of Non Waiters

As the group of Waiters dwindle, one  Waiter says  to the fellow next to him, I know the bus manufacturer and his product, even I will be here by myself I will  remain Waiting , the fellow next to him queries  but explain me why did the bus manufacturer tell us to wait for a bus when he also manufactures planes trains, ships, tanks cars, bike, scooters?, and why such lousy shelter?

The first Waiter replies, I do not understand the logic behind His plan, but HE said when the bus will arrive the plan will be self-understood

WAITING is a Stage of a Resolute Determined Unyielding Inactive Passive Behavior

Jews have to wait for Meshiach to create a Jewish State, creating a Jewish state without him, one becomes a Non Waiter, which the Rambam calls an APIKOIRES,"


Yidel Warter said...


WAITING  when decreed by a SUPER BEING,  has to become a frame of mind, Like it or not,  practical or not, popular or not

Jews have to wait for Meshiach to create a Jewish State, creating a Jewish state without him, one becomes a Non Waiter, which the Rambam calls an  APIKOIRES,

In the beginning of the Common Era the Amoire Shmuel formulated his successful campaign against early Christians and devised a slogan that said:
"" (EIN BEIN ….)The ONLY difference between before Meshiach and after Meshiach is HIM establishing  a Jewish Independent Government.""" ,
which Yoshke failed to accomplish ,

Bavli prods 5 times the soundness and scope of Shmuels slogan, by analyzing 5 statements that broadens the scope of Meshiachs Actions/Era , but all 5 statements agree that the reestablishing of a Jewish government is exclusively  Meshiachs role for the Jewish people,(V”Yoel Moshe) and the Rambam Codifies this as Halacha by Proclaiming for us today :

1) Jews wait for Meshiach to be free of non-Jewish governments, by Meshiach Himself establishing a Jewish Sovereignty,

2) All other objectives that might result at the era of Meshiach does not necessarily have to happen by Meshiach Personally,

3) Do Not Talk about the OTHER OBJECTIVES when highlighting Meshiachs Objective (as Shmuel has done in his campaign),

4) Whoever does not believe the above or does not WAIT  for Meshiach to do the Creation of the Jewish State is an  A P I K O R E S

Please be open minded by joining the Satmers in prayers, that Hashem should not punish us again, because of  those who are actively Non-Waiters

Yidel Warter 

Dusiznies said...

Reb Yidel
I read your 2 comments and then I re-read them ...
Everything in theory is great and maybe true .....

but the facts on the ground dispute every single syllable that you wrote ...
and I mean every iota that you wrote ...
The facts are that the RBS"O gave us a State ...and Gedoilie Yisroel who were initally against a State changed their minds when they saw the facts ...
and what are the facts?
There is a State B"H with over 6 million Jews living there, more than anytime in the History of the Jewish people ...and hundreds of thousands of Bochrim and Yungeleit learning Torah in the State supported by the State.
The Satmar Rebbe in 1956 and then in 1967 said that he gave Israel 20 years and Torah in Israel would be no more ...
He was wrong and every even if he were blind can see that he was wrong ...and Torah flourishes in the State ...
The Lubavitcher Rebbe was 100% rights and the facts prove him right ...
and the Satmar Rebbes SHIT'ah was wrong and the facts prove that he was wrong ...
and you R' Yidel just like the meraglim will never see the Geuylah unless you retract every word and do teshuvah ... because the hischalteh de'geulah already started in 1948, and Moshiach is around the corner

Echter yid said...

To you anonymous, say what ever you want ,keep up bashing reb nuchem Rosenberg, but you are a sick blind person , the story in Flatbush didn't happened a year ago or ,2,years ago ,it happened last week, in our Jewish Hasidic community of flatbush, and the perpetrator was a Jewish frum man unfortunately? And he did it to her when she came out from school? On the way home ,so wasn't reb nuchem Rosenberg right all this years,? Shouldn't we learn out from this story last week in flatbush Brooklyn that we must must educate our children about sexual abuse,? It looks like this girl was educated and knew to scream out loud when this man tried to grab her, I give kull hakavod to this girl and her parents for educating their children about predators ,because of her screaming this predator became afraid of nabbing her, So keep up your good work and bashing our awareness, reb nuchem Rosenbergs awareness, my friend who I met up in Williamsburg Brooklyn is a real frum Hasidic man when you look at him yull never ever guess in your biggest dream that this man is a pornography addict, he is a frum erlicha man ,davence in shull like a sweet man davening to hashem, never would anyone even think that this man is a pornography addict and is mechalel Shabbat every week , unfortunately because the story in Flatbush Brooklyn was a Jewish predator? It shows that our children are still not safe and sound in their own communities sick people are running after them to harm them,? That's why we must make noise ? And we still have to educate our children that when you see something say something, education is the best medication, We must educate our children that if something happened to you don't be afraid to tell for tati and mami,? anonymous wake up this girl was able to be your own child,, yes your own child,,so do you still want to come with your cover ups? Watch and see how the askunim will do everything to cover up this story because the predator was a jew watch and see

Hershi said...

The facts on the ground are that the majority of Jews are nor religious ,does this proof any sense of direction?

Dusiznies said...

Throughout Jewish History the majority of Jews were not religious.
Look at the sefer Ezra when he begged the Jews of Persia to make Aliyah, the Jews living in Eretz Yisrael were not frum and intermarried ... nevertheless he made Aliyah ...
Who didn't? The fummies with the big beards decided to remain in Gulis and Ezra cursed them .... unfortunately the curse came true and we are saddled with the likes of Satmar etc ... in chutz l'aartetz...

Anonymous said...

What a chutzpah to say the Rebbe was whatever FEH, the Rebbe is and you guys should use proper vocabulary THE REBBE IS A NAVI A CHACHAM ADIF MENAVI AND OF LONG LIVE THE REBBE KING MESSIAH LEMATO MEASARA TFACHIM, LECHAIM

Echter yid said...

The rebbe call him every thing in the world, call him, melech hamushiach,? Call him navi,? Call him messiah,? But crown heights needs emergency a rebbe or a ruv To come into crown heights and fix major problems in,,770,,from tzeniois,? Woman can dress how they want even to open where they should not be to open, but covered, they could wear what they want and how they want ,? They are the worst in ,tzeniois, (2) 770, has a huge huge problem of alcoholics, but it got out out of control and out of hands,,there is huge major problems in crown heights, so just keep up singing that the rebbe is ,melech hamushiach,? (3) lubavitch is fested with pedophiles but fested, Lubavitch needs emergency a manhig to come in and make changes and fixes urgently, lubavitch needs a shake up ( lematu measuru tefuchim and lemalu measuru tefuchim )