Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beit Shemesh Extremists Fear Chabad

The Fanatic sickos in Beit Shemesh are freaking out and are wathching as  some of their "terrorists" are going off the "derech" and joining Chabad ......
So they went and put graffiti on the Beit Shemesh Chabad Shul hoping that some of their own will see the message!


The Black Coats are coming said...

Was that your blog a few months ago with the post about Lubav bochurim selling sichos in KJ? A Yoely came with a can of white paint & tossed the contents all over them.

Anonymous said...

There is a CHABAD shteeble here in Boro-Park (on 16th ave.)
where the majority of mispallelim are wearing shtreimilech,
the majority of them are former Satmar talmidim who baruch hashem saw the light and left that Jew hating insane asylum
called Satmar,
What is interesting to note that we have hundreds and hundreds of former Satmars who left and joined CHABAD,but you absolutely CANNOT find even one CHABADNICK who left and joined these criminally insane antisemitic Romanian barbarians.

Anonymous said...

There are Lubavs who leave to join Breslov.

Sam said...

What's the diff it'd just a matter of time they won't like that shul either thyll see chabad is no better and just uses u all while claiming they love u